Missing Jack Collectibles?

Asking around because I dunno if this is a reoccurring issue for other players, but…

I’m playing through on New Game + cleaning up the game and preparing it for my Inconcievable run, but I’m trying to collect some of these jack parts, and they literally aren’t showing up. I’ve looked up multiple guides on jack collectible locations and have double-checked, even now triple-checked the locations for the parts, but I’ve had no luck on it… Is New Game + Broken? Do I need to start a completely new save file to clean up the campaign and get the last few achievements?

I think it’s a general game issue with the Campaign. I’ve had repeat regular new playthroughs be missing components that I knew were there and had found before be completely absent, even before New Game+ was added.

Do I gotta start a new save file, or am I safe just using normal ’ New Game? ’

It doesn’t matter. Jack components not appearing is a general bug. You may be able to get around it by simply unlocking the Jack upgrades you haven’t gotten in a specific playthrough, rather than needing to obtain them all in a single story run, but I haven’t tested if that works.

If you only care about the achievements tied to a maxed Jack (and you don’t really want a save file with a maxed Jack) I could invite you to my save file. You go in, max Jack, get the achievements for doing so, then we quit.

Doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and I’ve already helped people like this previously so I know for a fact that the achievements unlock.

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Hey, it’s fine, part of why I’m actually doing this is so that I can get a maxed out jack prepared for when I run the game through on inconceivable mode.

Besides, I recently got through Gears Judgement’s Insane mode, alongside 3-staring everything with the Declassified, all collectibles, ETC. Following up with cleaning up the rest of Gears 4’s Collectibles, since I apparently already beaten that one on Inconceivable.

Though not gonna lie, having to replay through act 2 like four times, (three not realizing new game + has broken locations) it was completely soul wrenching, dude.

But, hey. I wouldn’t mind having a partner for running this game on Inconceivable and getting the Seriously part 1-2 achievements.

Edit: Besides, After I get those achievements, all I really have left to do is to bug the gilded skins and get them for myself, then i’d have 100%'d the entire character/weapon skins list, as well.

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