Missing Hivebuster Hammerburst

I came home from a long day at work to grind The Hive on Master for 6 hours + dying by Warden, Grenadier, Juvies, and putting up with all kinds of BS from The escape crowd and ALL because my original score of -30 minutes was never posted 3 weeks ago.

Fine. I’ll grind it out again. Finally. I got it. I checked before my tired eyes were forced to call it a night. Top 1% the Hive…

Log on the next day and no hammerburst?? Dude WHAT THE!? Bro first the breaker mace…now the hammerburst? What the hell?

@NL_Grexoz @TC_Octus May I please get some assistance?

Same issue, also my friend who i did it with didnt either, nobody might actually have it cause ive never seen someone use it

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