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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(powercollector) #866

I attempted to claim the Team Glow Dropshot from last night’s stream. Each attempt it spun and spun then presented the claim button again. I had hoped it would be in my customization page on Gears 4 but it is not.

(Matanjah1995) #869

I got the same problem with glowing drop- cannot take by clicking “claim”. Firstly thought that was firefox fail, but seems not. Could you help TC?

Glowing skins is second beatiful set. :wink:

(locomoco96) #870

Two weeks ago watched entire broadcast. Received Mexico snub and not the team glow Boltok. Please let me know what to do. Thanks

(Bloomy) #871

Timers never started for me for the Workshop Longshot during the March 14 Dev stream. Was able to claim the Carmine skins when they went live, but despite reloading the page a few times, the timers didn’t work.

(CSI Harburg) #873

Hello Yesterday the After Glow Dropshot and last week Friday the Other Weapon could not unlock enabled but could not confirm how do I get the skins now?

(hispanic gamer2) #874

Missing the team glow dropshot. Can you please give it to me TC. Thank you and I love your game, can’t wait for gears 5 :fire::fire::bangbang::star:.

(MMOR) #875

Hello, I claimed the overkill team glow skin from today’s stream, but it isn’t showing in my inventory, could you please help?


Hello i claimed the team glow overkill during yesterday’s livestream, but it’s not in my inventory. Gamertag DEADLYxSHOTTY25

(PPK TomeRola TM) #878

Watch live from gears and made a rewards but did not receive anything the day of the live was 03-23/2019

(NL Grexoz) #882

Hi all,

Will be going through the support lost now! As a quick reminder, this thread is only for Stream related skins. I can not assist with any in-game unlocks.

(PPK TomeRola TM) #883

could you give me the support link for me to send them

(NL Grexoz) #884

Best would be to contact @CoalitionGears for this on Twitter. Also I am not too sure out of your request which weapon skin(s) you exactly miss.

(PPK TomeRola TM) #885

Okay, thank you. I’ll send them a hotmail.

(PPK TomeRola TM) #886

The Coalition Studio asked me to post here that you would solve the stream that happened on 03/27/2019 that was giving some rewards and until today I did not see what they answered

(NL Grexoz) #887

My bad Tomerola,

@ My Dome Now needs to contact @CoalitionGears as he is facing issues with the Gilded Raam challenge.

Will look into your issue ASAP.

(PPK TomeRola TM) #888

by hotmail does not say that there is no result with @CalitionGears

(Deadsektor) #890

i never got the season 2 mexico lancer (animated) i already claimed it months ago where on esport stream and i already post here but still its not unlocking for me i got the gnasher and snub but not that surprise claimable lancer skin i log in that day watching the stream, my GT - Deadsektor

(G33ZER 83) #891

Hey grexos,
I watched the stream tonight and for some reason it wouldn’t let me claim the snub skin even though i claimed all the others.
Just wandered if you could help me out please

Gamertag G33ZER 83

(Sygnia) #892

Hello, it wouldn’t let me claim the clown snub pistol skin. This happened many times today and I took some screenshots showing my problem. You can see I was signed in during the match. Gamertag: Sygnia

Twitch: Sygnia1


(ThroneOfPigs) #893

I watched the stream all afternoon and claimed all the skins like the Paris and the Texas and the London but I hit claim on the creepy clown and it wouldn’t claim. So I hit it a second time and it says already claimed. But it’s not in my inventory. GT ThroneOfPigs

Twitch id ThroneOfPigs