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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(esc0rpi0n live) #845

I need your help in the transmission at the moment of getting the emblem MIXER I had an error.
I need your help

(lMatt Cervantes) #846

They could help me with the emblem mixer I am not worth anything I froze the page and I could not claim anything and I was looking forward to the Vel if they turn to the emblem but no longer asks me can help me my Gamertag is:

(MLG Stories) #847

Received the skins I was missing, big thanks to @NL_Grexoz for helping me out with this issue.

(Carlostapia1995) #848

I thought this thread was for skins only from the esports stream and not from the developer streams? Thats why I initially posted on twitter before here

I was watching the dev stream back when the Canadian Overkill was being given away the quest timer wasn’t going up even after watching the whole stream… I was watching from the Microsoft edge app on the xbox during that stream.

I’m a regular viewer of watching the developer streams so theres no reason for me to lie about this… This is the only proof I had at the time because my phone was low on storage but it shows even after 1 minute of watching the timer wasn’t going up…

It unfortunate I couldn’t watch the dev stream last week because my internet was down all day because a major fiber optic line was cut :disappointed_relieved:Now i will never get the workshop boltok :disappointed_relieved:

Here is the video capture from twitter:

(weezhead) #849

Hello Grexoz, I chat with you march13 fight night. I had submitted 2 posts for missing esports claimed skins #611 and #636. I am reposting per your request. The skins are teamglow HAMMERBURST and teamglow LANCER. Ty again.

(DeathScythe M01) #850

I’m refreshing and refreshing the gears fight night webpage and doesn’t show it to me. I just want to reclaim the markza. Also, I answered questions on the stream to participate on the raffles.

Is the webpage down? Does anybody have the same problem? I tried on Twitch, Mixer and MLG and nothing works.

Update: Well I missed it, THANKS to the problems with the webpage. (Still, can’t get access)
Hope, the page get fix and works fine by tomorrow or I will miss the the workshop sniper skin too.
Can we get I second tomorrow to claim the Team glow Markza. Because, I don’t want to have my Team Glow weapons incomplete.

(Cardinal FRESH) #851

I never received sniper phantom, gt : Cardinal FRESH

(MarkDark8814) #852

Im missing the workshop longshot from todays broadcast. Only partial of the amount of time i watched the stream was recorded when i in fact watched for more than the 15 minute requirement. Thank you

(llMxSll iChinti) #853


sorry for the inconvenience, I went to the recent pro circuit in Mexico City and I didn’t get any of the emblems that gave fans and players of that event, please, I hope to receive them, thanks.

(Get Bodied BUMZ) #854

I claimed the team glow retro lancer 2 weeks ago but it never showed up in my inventory?

(iVi King Ragnar) #855

I believe I claimed the team glow longshot last week but it did not show up in my inventory??

(jvergoth) #856

I didn’t receive the Been Carmine gnasher from the developer stream on March 14. I was on mobile but the Clayton lancer and workshop skins claimed just fine. Thanks.

(weezhead) #858

@NL_Grexoz TY again for helping me with my problem. With the thread reaching nearly 700, you deserve more thanks than you recieve. Take care.

(Mayhem64) #859

Team Glow Dropshot from tonight’s stream just refuses to be claimed… spins and spins and then the button resets.

(Gearsofwar4484) #860

I tried for 25 plus minutes to claim the team glow dropshot skin tonight. It just kept saying error and spinning back to claim again. Please credit my account with the skin. Thanks!

(Pubg Vikingo IV) #861

me too

Weapon skin not unlockable
(MistaCelestial) #862

I tried to claim the Team Glow Dropshot skin during today’s stream but it never gave me a confirmation. Please help!

(xATMxbOzt3r) #863


(xATMxbOzt3r) #864

I didn’t get my skin from the dropshot

(KushySlayerzS) #865

I claimed the team glow retro lancer 2 weeks ago but it never showed up in my inventory