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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!


I had the same problem as the last gears player that replied rite before it wouldn’t let me claim the team glow gnasher skin and it would freeze and crash for me and I was logged in
Please help me out my GT is NORTHERNxCALI81

(V e 7 e R a N x) #768

Hi there, I was the Mexico event 2019, Saturday, however I claimed however it came out an error with the team glow gnasher.
Further Edit: Also I couldn’t fully claim the team glow lancer also :sweat_smile:
Even further edit: the Creepy Clown gnasher I wasn’t able to claim it just kept loading then reloading the quests bar.
GT: V e 7 e R a N X ( it is in spaces inbetween)

(IPsykoPunk) #769

So Yesterday 2 February when i claimed the team glow gnasher at it says error can you guys help me out with this i dont know if im gonna get it or not? Please i dont want to have to look that i dont have both.
GT: IPsykoPunk

(UltraMagnetic96) #770

Season 2 Mexico Lancer. I know I claimed it, but it does not show up in my customization/inventory.

(themaxbeyning) #771

I miss the Team Glow Gnasher Skin and my Gt is themaxbeyning , i claim it but does not show in my inventory

(ShinryuDragon) #773

I was watching the livestream for Mexico City open and I never got the prompt to claim the Aztec Embar. Is it still possible to get the skin? it was the only one i didnt’ get to claim during the open. my GT is ShinryuDragon
Thank you

(M0nkey L) #775

I never received my Mexico Season 1 Gnasher That was Claimable in today’s gears of War Mexico city open GT- M0nkey L

(Kitten Britchez) #776

I claimed the Mexico City season 2 lancer but it has not shown in my inventory.

GT: Kitten Britchez

(NvR Hisoka) #781

Hi im missing the Mexico season 1 gnasher it said claimed but i never got it my gt NvR Hisoka

(Wvtty) #782

There was an issue claiming Mexico city season 2 lancer it first said error and then already claimed… but somehow I got it… but when I claimed the season 2 gnasher it repeated the same but in this case I don’t have the skin in my inventory. … please help me get my skin I watched the whole stream and got every weapon skin except the gnasher ( season 2 )

(spearian) #784

Hi there, I claimed the team glow lancer but it’s not showing at the moment. Every other skin I claimed is.
GT: spearian

(Tubby31) #785

I was logged in last night during the finals however I was unable to claim the glow lancer is there anyway you guys can verify I was in and credit it to my account? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

(FantaBounce nT) #786

Hi, I was watching the mexico event and the team glow shotgun came up with claim reward and would not let me press it, I received the lancer fine please can this be looked at as I was in the stream all night.

thank you

(jhessua97) #787

hello good night, I’ve been following the procurcuit of the city of mexico and anxiously waiting for the lancer of season 2 but at the time of claiming it gave me a message of error and I could not acquire it and the truth if it gave me some sadness, Is there a way that you can provide it to me? please :sob::sob::sob:. my profile is jhessua97 Thank you very much and sorry for my english

(Deadsektor) #790

claimed the mexico lancer season 2 but it never came up on my inventory i got every skins onesports yesterday except that mexico lancer S2. my GT - Deadsektor

(SEVEN UP 94) #795

Hi TC,
I claimed the team glow lancer but it has not shown in my inventory

(weezhead) #796

I hope I am not making this request too early as I am aware that some skins do not hit your inventory for a while but I have not received TEAM GLOW LANCER skin from the esports Mexico stream on February 3rd. I recieved all of the Aztec and other skins I claimed already but I have not received TEAM GLOW LANCER. Thank you. My gamertag is weezhead (edit I forgot to leave my gamertag)

(ROGUE 11) #800

I am missing the canda boomshot from 2/8/19.

(l Last Uchiha l) #803

Hello I watched last Friday for the Canada Hammer burst. I watched the entire pre stream about the 2v2 gnashers on foundation. It never let me claim it and it said I completed the quest. You can go back and look at my account I really wanted the Hammer burst. Thanks for all the support you do for the game.
GT: L Last Uchiha L

(BattleMistress1) #804

i was watching Gears 4 dev stream on feb 07, 2019 and didnt get the canadian boomshot skin GT Battlemistress1