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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(thekidd627) #675

My time watched counter on the Canada Lancer skin stopped at 9 min. Wouldn’t keep counting. I’d really like it. Gt thekidd627. Stream id ThroneOfPigs

(SuedPaladin440) #677

I miss the pink phantom embar !!! Pink Phantom Overkill, Pink Phantom Boomshot here is.
Gears Esports North American Regionals - Day 1.
Everything came, but the embar did not come yet.

(jerswife218) #679

Missing the pink phantom longshot from today’s stream. I claimed it but it does not appear in my inventory.

(IStudioGhibliI) #680

missing skins from todays stream 11/11/18 . :expressionless:

(xXT0nyzsXx) #684

I tried to claim the team animal Boltok skin but they never actualized to “claimed” what can I do? with the ripper emblem didn’t happen

(LunchPizza) #685

My Syndrome Lancer skin is now missing after switching to another skin. Still have Gnasher and Snub.

(IGotASkrewLoose) #686

Hello again. Still missing the Team Animal Markza. I posted awhile back but was given another Team Animal Hammerburst instead of the Markza.

(spongebob197344) #687

Didn,t get my San Diego markza

(DoiMakeURandyy) #689

Hello, I hope you may be able to help. I attended the NOLA event and did most of the challenges to get the skins and did not get of them. I also watched the San Diego event and did challenges and I did not get any of those either. I hope you may be able to help.

Thank you- DoiMakeURandyy

(FYC Shots) #690

I still haven’t received any emblems or skins and I competed at the event in San Diego, Vegas and NOLA


I don’t mean to repeat post, but I had an issue reclaiming the animal lancer and gnasher and I have proof in my original post as well. Any help is appreciated.

(OtwTy) #692

I Watch all the GearShow i watch all access. & didnt get animal boltox skin & i didnt syndrome torque & embar get them im a GOW fan :metal:please

(danimarty) #694

Hi , i,m missing the Team Animal Enforcer , Even thou i claim skin form event … Can u help me

(esc0rpi0n live) #695

Hello TC
Claim my Overgrown Snub Skin, but it does not appear in my inventory.
I need your help…

(Tabuto) #696

hello in a past transmission I retweet and and claim the emerald gnasher told me that in 15 days but I never get my inventory help I want to get my skin and so far I know how to do feedback I thank you verify my gt Tabuto

(Mitsurugi W) #697

Hey everyone.

I’ve waited awhile to post but I never received the San Diega Markza or Longshot even though I claimed both during the event.


(WolfgangJRandSR) #698

Didn’t claim Team Animal Snub , was on esports Mixer and thought I claimed while watching event, sometimes times out despite having claimed, possible error? Please help with Team Animal Snub, thanks.

(HayMaker304) #700

I was watching on my phone and tried to claim the overgrown Lancer. It attempted to claim it 3 times and always reset. It never showed the actual “skin” card that I received it.


(IStudioGhibliI) #701

everything else worked except the the ovegrown gnasher please send , also i still never recieved the las egas long shot from way back

(OtherChimp42845) #703

Hello! First of all, this is not my primary account, my primary XboxliveID is DDXDB, and for some reason it can’t post here (if you can see, you’ll find my two accounts in a Microsoft home)
I can’t get TEAM ANIMAL Longshot when I use the DDXDB account to watch Gears of War Columbus Invitational, but I did watch the whole game, and I also got TEAM ANIMAL TORQUE BOW and OVERGROWN SNUB. All, I hope to solve this problem, thank you