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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(strayke3r2004) #642

Hello the coalition i watched the live For the animal skin but i don’t have the animal lancer skin i have only gnasher animal. Thanks the coalition

(ZondaGT) #644

Hi i claimed my skins animal in the pro circuit days, and i sow all matches and never apeared the “claim quest” and ever times say “stay tuned for claim this quest”.

(DanteSpartan146) #645

missing san diego markza and boltok
and new orleans syndrome skins, only snub pistol but not the gnasher or lancer

(NL Grexoz) #646

Hi there,

If the quests states “Stay tuned to find out how to complete this quest” that means that the quest has not been activated, which means that you wouldn’t be able to have claimed the items.

(Awintex) #651

Hi Coaltion I miss Animal shotgun , hope I’ll get it back!

(One 801) #652

Missing lancer and gnashes syndromes

(CjDig86) #653

@NL_Grexoz 08/15/18 stream, emerald phantom Gnasher. I still haven’t received any skin. I believe that I received the skin the night of the stream, but hours later it was gone from my inventory. I still never got the skin to this day. Thanks in advance.

(V Sins Corpse V) #658

I watched today’s stream for majority of the time, but I was unable to claim my Canadian Lancer skin. The “claim” option was not showing up, even after refreshing the page and watching it in 30 minute intervals. I was able to claim it on my other account but not this one.

My gt is:

v sins corpse v

(GoLDSLaYeR ON3) #660

Hi i watched the Thursday stream in which you guys released the Canada lancer skin. I kept pressing claim but for some reason it wouldn’t let me claim the skin. I came back an hour later to claim it and the stream ended. Could you guys please send me the skin I was very excited to get it and now I don’t have it. Thank you
GT- Goldslayer ON3
Skin- Canada Lancer

(One 801) #661

Same here

(jerswife218) #662

Missing the Canada Lancer from the developer stream on
Nov. 1st. Claimed it but does not show in my inventory. Thanks.

(zXzl3E45TB0YzXz) #663

Same here watched Thursday’s (Nov. 1st) Developer stream all the way through and when the Canada Lancer was available to be claimed for me I kept getting errors.

My GT: zXzl3E45TB0YzXz

(HD ElecTRonZ) #665

Bit of a longshot ,I won a supporter 4 pack in a raffle around about April 2018 still not received thank you.

(lostlinus) #666

I viewed the entire developer stream last Thursday(Nov. 1), but the timers never counted any minutes. Therefore I was not able to claim the Canada Supporter lancer skin. I was viewing the stream on my cell phone. This was the second time the timers weren’t working on my cell phone. First time was with the Corp boltok. The stream was playing fine, so I’m sure there was no bandwidth issues, just the timers not counting the minutes. Thank you for your time . gt: lostlinus

(RumblyMonkey991) #668

I’m missing an animal spirit skin from watching tonight’s stream ( Nov 8 2018). After pressing “ claim you skin” I got a message “ there was an error. Try reloading the page.” And when I did nothing happened.

(IStudioGhibliI) #669

missing the skins from the broadcast yesterday 11/7/18

(Gto57) #670

Missing the skin from Gears Fight Night 11/07/18 :

  • Retro lanzor Animal

PS : Maybe more theraafter with this “drop” system by stream

(XxKr4zyM4n50xX) #672

I have not received my San Diego Markza. I’m still waiting. :c

(NL Grexoz) #673

Hi all,

Get your support questions in, I’ll be going through the list tomorrow!

(HideDaQuiche) #674

Missing the Canada supporter lancer from last weeks broadcast. Did the tweet/watch for 15 minutes option and never got the skin.