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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!


I tried claiming the team animal skins but my quests never work. Or I’d be able to complete the quest but the module lags or breaks. Please assist. I am missing the Team Animal Lancer and Gnasher. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(lam1984thebest) #622

Still can’t find san diego lancer, gnasher, snub, please help thx v much.

(bayonet53) #623

I completely missed out on the Animal skin on October 10, 2018. I was wondering if you would consider re-issuing Animal skins that were offered during the Fight Nights on the next big event such as the Columbus Charity Invitational?


Im missing the team animal weapon skin can u pls help thx in advance


The gnasher thx

(Ess Sniper Now) #626

Hi one of the coalition say to me that now in like a week i Will have my Esmerald Phantom gnasher, but im still without It, can you please help me? I really love that skin in the gnasher but when i reclaimed in the live stream It says that in 2 weeks i would have it, but it past more than a month and im still without, pls help me

(wiiadrian) #627

Me and my brother went to the San Diego Open to play in the 2v2 tournament and we haven’t received our emblems for attending.
Our gamertags are:

(djj) #628

I took part in the trivia quest(for the aaron griffon mega pack) and answered every question, wouldn’t let me claim so I refreshed the page and now it’s showing I only answered 14/15, randomly saying I missed question 11.

Can you look into this please? as I answered it, kind of annoying to miss out on the mega pack because a question in the middle didn’t work (it even showed as ticked in the quest tab until I refreshed), I believe it was the loader question.

(csusbcr77) #629

A couple of weeks ago when i was watching gears fight night i claimed the pink phantom gnasher. I didnt play the game for a while but when i came back i didnt have it and i still havent received it. csusbcr77 is my gamertag. Thanks!

(Chickn Sauce) #630

MY name is Chickn Sauce, i watched Oct 18th 's event and didn’t get the Corp Embar and the Corp Embar Alternate and the Drop Shot skins. The timer came up and it still read 0/15 and 0/30

(Chickn Sauce) #631

I also never recieved my feral horde swarm drone character skins even though i recieved the weapon skins for the event. If i didn’t complete my 200 waves of horde then i wouldn’t have recieved my feral weapon skins, please help me with this issue.

(ZombieLady66) #632

Yet again clock never made it to 15 minutes befire you went iff the air and couldn’t claim my skin.ty

(IStudioGhibliI) #633

did not recieve the skins for the 17th of october , and im still missing the longshot san diego skin skin .

(AlanKenway17) #634

I didn’t got my animal boomshot, i saw whole stream

(lICrimsonlI) #636

Hi sorry to bother but my syndrome gnasher,snub and lancer are not appearing for my swarm

(chamila26) #637

thanks a lot for adding the requested skin to my account

(Meteorologia) #638

Hi my syndrome skins are not available as a swarm for me.

(DamnMyReflex) #639

Didn’t get my Embar Corp skin from the stream two days ago

(NL Grexoz) #640

The Syndrome skins are only usable on the COG characters since the latest update. :slight_smile:

(Cazerz247) #641

Im missing the team animal lancer skin. I assumed there was a wait time after you click redeem but its been ages now and still no skin. Can you help?