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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(Jglk) #596

Hi, I am missing the Team Animal Hammerburst, couldn’t claim it. Was at my friends house at the time of the event and logged in a couple minutes before they took it away. I have the TA Lancer and Gnasher as well but not the enforcer but (who wants the enforcer anyways :slight_smile:)

(jamaine7) #597

I’m still missing my esports San Diego orange an blue lancer an nasher skin I claimed. Can u help or nahh??

(eSports Bounce) #598

Hello The Coalition,
I watched the live for the skin Animal but I don’t have the Lancer Animal I have Gnasher Animal only!
Thanks you, have a great day!

(Copito7) #599

Hi all!

I’m missing the following weapon skins:

  • San Diego Enforcer
  • Team Animal Hammerburst
  • Team Animal Gnasher
  • Team Animal Lancer

My gamertag is Copito7


(o0X HUNT3R X0o) #600

Hello team, please i miss phantom pink snub my gamertag o0X Hunt3r X0o

(XapplesausX) #601

I’m missi. G the team animal markza

Gt: xapplesausx

(RedGhostMx) #602

they did not give me the skin of the emerald gnasher please help me

(Kaltonic) #603

Hi Grexoz



(chamila26) #606

didnt get the team animal hammerburst skin. got all the other team animal skins. must have been due to the messed up quests in the first day

(primemegatron22) #609

San Diego RETRO LANCER please, gamertag = primemegatron22

(Nymph StrategiC) #610

I claimed and never recibed the team animal lancer, gnasher and snub pistol.
I also never received the phantom paint for the embar, and the original phantom skins (red and blue) for the boltok, the lancer, the torque bow, the bolt rifle and the enforcer.
I never recived the season 5 reward, i reached the diamond rank in team deathmatch and i never recibed my reward

(Xirpts) #611

hello, play the Map test fill out the form and do not give me my eSport Pack yet, with the coalition on twitter and they told me to talk here

(IStudioGhibliI) #612

never got my san diego longshot and did u guys not d a skin for the snub?

(Xirpts) #613

Hi how are you?
Hi, why haven’t I received my eSports pack yet?
I played the map test tournament and submitted the feedback questionnaire that I received on my email
I need help. Thank you

Gears Fright Night
(BLAZENHEAT101) #614

I’m still missing my team animal Markza skin from the San Diego event,GT BLAZENHEAT101.

(FYC Shots) #615

Continuing the discussion from Missing Gears Esports Weapon Skins? Post here!:

I attended And competed in San Diego and have yet to recieve any emblems, including ones from Vegas and NOLA

(HayMaker304) #616

Never got my team animal HB or Markza

(excelboy68) #618

Hi, Just remind i still missing San Diega Overkill and Team Anima Enforcer due to quest issues can not claim during the show, Other skin all received, Thanks…
My GT: excelboy68

(IGotASkrewLoose) #619

Still missing the Team Animal Markza

GT: IGotASkrewLoose

(VooDooNiNja34) #620

Still Missing my Animal Team Gnasher . Got the other 3 missing 1 still. Can yall help me out!! I watch all of SAN DIEGO EVENT.