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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(Rei GPC NA) #533

I haven’t received ANY of the weapon skins I claimed on Friday of the San Diego event. Just award me the Animal Hammerburst and I promise I won’t even attempt a stream event again. For anyone else reading this, start screenshotting your claims for proof.

Gamer Tag: Rei GPC NA

(iRTaCTiiCS) #534

hi… so today i reecieved my team animal lancer but the gnasher markza or hammerburst have yet to be my GTT is iRTaCTiiCs

(RAMB0X34) #535

Hi, I’m missing my Team Animal Lancer, Gnasher, and Hammerburst. I am also missing my emblem for attending the San Diego Pro Circuit :cry:.

(STK Knoxy) #539

Hello, firstly thank you for being patient with us and i’m glad we’re getting the team animals now unfortunately i haven’t received my Team Animal Gnasher although I did get the rest of my TA weapon skins thank you and sorry for the inconveniences.

(esc0rpi0n live) #541

Help TC
My skin Enforcer Team Animal I could not claim it. I arrived a little late and I did not have time to get it
Thanks TC

(V CorpseBride V) #542

I am missing Team Animal Enforcer.

When trying to claim, I got errors with the Video Mixer and did not have the option to attempt to claim it again after numerous tries.

(IStudioGhibliI) #543

couldnt claim the skin for todays stream 10/10/18 , maybe you guys should change the way skins are earned. alot of the time it doesnt work for alot of ppl


SO got all my San Diego skins and animal team skins but still haven’t got my team animal Hammerburst or San Diego long shot. Does it matter that I clamed them on my cell phone then switched to a computer?

(excelboy68) #545

I received all the 4 San Diego event Team Animal Skin today, Thanks TC.

But i still missing San Diego OverKill and today live show Team Animal Enforcer…

(Ektope) #546

Enforcer appeared for me earlier, takes up to two weeks.
You might be missing Overkill though.

(Ess Sniper Now) #547

I claim de Esmerald gnasher skin in one of the live streams and they say that in two weeks I will have the skin in my inventory, but they don’t give me nothing, and I keep saying to them if they can solve me this problem, but I’m still without the skin, can someone help please? I actually want the skin that I claim, please the coalition, solve the problem with the skin

(Mage44) #550

I watched the stream on 10/10/18 for the team animal enforcer and the quest never showed up for me

(CosmicMonstrous) #553

I have not received any skins and I was at the event and competeded also haven’t received my emblems for competing and being at the San Diego event

(NL Grexoz) #554

Hi all,

All the animal skins have been entitled, since there is no way for me to tell who have gotten the skin after they posted I am asking everyone to re-make their post.

The previous post asking for support on the animal skins will be ignored.

There are quite some posts to go through, please be patient and give me the time to go through each and everyone. Do NOT post multiple times.

(HehBoatsFloat) #555

Hello, I’m missing the San Diego markza. I don’t have a screenshot, but I was at the event because I live in San Diego. Any chance I could get the gnasher or lancer? Got a snub. :unamused:
I still have the wrist bands.

(NL Grexoz) #556

You will get all the skins if you connected your Gamertag to your MLG account, should arrive within the next few days. :slight_smile:

(DeIus1ve) #557

I’m missing both Lancer and Gnasher animal skins from the stream San Diego Open, also I attended to the last event on Mexico City and didn’t get the emblem/skins I was supposed to receive, sadly I didn’t took any SS to this on the San Diego Open, idk if you can check but I received every skin from that transmission but didn’t get those two I’m making reference to.

(EssencexDeath) #558

I remember being tuned in to get the original phantom skins I claimed those and never got them I also claimed the animal skins from stream and still haven’t received them. I was wondering if you could help me out.


I’m missing both the lancer and snub pistol original Phantom skins. Also the gnasher and lancer syndrome skins.

(RRyzeN) #560

I am missing All emblems gt : MASSIVE Ryzen for number ticket dm