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Missing Gears Weapon Skins from Streams on Post here!

(NL Grexoz) #1

Hi all,

Ever since the original Gears of War Phantom Weapon Skins released we gave support to the community via the Gears Esports Discord channel. Starting today we will switch the support from our Discord channel over to the Gears of War Forums.

=> If you are missing any Gears Esports skins please post in this thread which skin/skins you are exactly missing
=> Only post ONCE
=> Any other skins requests are being handled by the Community Team. This thread is solely for the Gears Esports skins
=> If you made a request on the old Forums you do not need to make another post. I’ll still go through the old ones!

Once you posted the needed information you are done! I will go through the list to see if you completed the requirement(s) and award your skin if you did in fact complete the objective.

Please note that providing false information or requesting support for missing content that you did not meet the requirements for is a bannable offence. We take these matters extremely seriously. Any action is final.

Do you need any help with the Gears of War live page? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page - Your question might be answered there! If not feel free to shoot me a Direct Message with your question on the forums!

If you have any concerns, feel free to send me a private message on Twitter only.

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Didn’t get my phantom skins
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(TC Octus) pinned #2

Syndrome weapon skin / EMBAR
(LikeCuriious) #3

Hi I watched last Wednesdays Esports event and I claimed the dropshot skin and it says claimed but I didn’t receive it and I’ve seen people screenshot it so people got it but I didn’t sadly I’ve no proof as in screenshots, I’m watching tonight’s event too and I will screenshot this one but I would of liked too collect them all as a set of you could help me I would appreciate it thanks.

Didn’t receive glow lancer skin

[Im missing skins from esports watching and from challanges]


pfff i watched for over a hour tc octus dying every fight he had. went to the bathroom, stream closed no option for to claim the quest aka weapon skin!!!

(Sullivan 6u6) #8

In the previous streaming, I claimed the skin of the Embar Syndrome and it never came to me, I guess it’s a mistake.

(Bleeding Pepper) #9

Hello, I was watching the Fight Night event o Wednesday 23 May 2018. I tried to claim the the Syndrome Boltok skin and had clicked on the claim button. I got an error message (apologies but I can’t remember precisely what the error was). Eventually the whole thing regarding the Boltok disappeared. I checked my inventory but there was nothing there. Would appreciate some help with this. I had been on all evening and had entered the raffles throughout etc, so there should be a trail linked to my profile. I didn’t think to take a screenshot as I figured I could just click the claim button again after the error message, but as I said it just disappeared so I couldn’t even do that.

My gamer tag is “Bleeding Pepper”.

(ZombieLady66) #11

.Please help.ty

(TJ PuFF) #12

Gamertag- TJ PuFF
I’m missing the Syndrome Boltok from the 5/23/18 Fight Night stream. Thanks!

(Gravex iScott) #13

in the live today May 23, 2018 I saw the live more than two hours waiting for you to claim the skin of the boltok syndrome even participate for the esports packages that give away but when you could claim the skin boltok syndrome will not let me claim it, marked error.
Help me the coalition,
I’m annoyed

(Raider x Spawn) #14

I am still missing the Syndrome Embar from last Wednesday’s fight night. Can you help.

(NL Grexoz) #15


Please only post if you actually claimed the skin! If you were not there during the broadcast I am not able to help you out.

For the others, please give me some time to get through everything. I know the support has been slow but starting Sunday I’ll be able to dedicate more time to this!

(OCD Skifer) #16

Well…I never got my red/blue phantom hammerburst…I watched all the streams and did all the stuff I was supposed to…but was never rewarded it. I have the other skins. Help?

(longshot582) #17

Account wouldn’t let me redeem the boltok when the skin went live. I preformed all the other “quests” that were available but the tab wouldn’t give me the successfully claimed message only the “claim reward” tab. Really hope you can see the progress I had towards the other quests and get it to unlock for me since mixer wasn’t letting me do it myself.

Thank you!

Gamertag: longshot582

(Venom 30701) #18

I wasn’t able to claim the syndrome dropshot skin from May 9th 2018 Fight Night Stream due to server connection error. It would be nice if you could reupload the stream or make it available another way for the ones who couldn’t connect to the Fight Night stream that night. Tks

(IHW The RocKy) #20

Yesterday I could not claim the skin of Syndrome Boltok since I did not let myself complain … what can I do?

Almost 3 hours watching the stream and I did not leave the option to claim, because in the previous cases I could claim the Droopshot and the Boomer correctly.
-My gamertag is IHW The RocKy

P.S. I lost the screenshot …

(Cazerz247) #23

I don’t know if you can help BUT I was never given my onyx emblem from 2 seasons back. What can I do about that? Ive also had my silver and gold removed???

(Eru Wolf) #24

I’m missing the nuclear skin set for gnasher, lancer, and snub

Syndrome embar

District gnasher

And Pink Phantom lancer, and Hammerburst

(G33ZER 83) #25

Hi guys, my gt is G33ZER 83, I watched the event the other night and during eunited v the gosu crew i managed to complete the other 2 quests but when i tried to claim the syndrome boltok my stream froze during the claim process. By the time I restarted my laptop the stream was over.
I was wondering if you could help me out and I don’t want to come across as making a false claim but this has happened before To me with the phantom snub which you guys released with the boomshot, please help a brother out any response would be greatly appreciated.
Keep up the good work guys…

(JITheThunder) #27

I am missing Las Vagas boltok. I watched those live episodes but missed to submit entry.