[MISSING FEATURE - DOWNED TEAMMATE POPUP] - Original Gears of War 1 Teammate Notification!

I just remembered something useful from Gears of War 1…

When a teammate is down, there used to be a pop-up showing the character, xboxgamertag, and an arrow pointing to their direction if I remember right…

Before this pop-up used to be SO BIG and in your face, that you literally got anxious so you rushed to pick up your teammate.

How many times have you been downed, where a teammate walked by not realizing?

Is Gears 5 missing the pop-up for a downed teammate on the right of the screen just like in Gears of War 1?..

Many times I’ve been walked by… lol


Yup, I agree! There needs to be a sense of urgency when someone is downed, and the pop up would help tremendously.


Could be interesting.

Yeah well… your teammate is down… and if you pick him up, it saves so much time from having them respawn… so it’s an important feature

Pretty confrontational. Wasn’t really saying that it shouldn’t be in the game. Though having a bigass red circle might make it hard to see from your right side, especially when multiple teammates go down. Probably why Epic switched to the First-Aid icon above a downed teammate’s head in Gears 3.

It could come back, but maybe make it a bit smaller.

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Yeah… just to add some urgency to remind someone to pick up downed teammates