Missed Opportunity

I’m sure we’re all aware of the mech suits. The DB ones that build cities and you play as towards the end of the game. My question is, if you look closely, the ones at Settlement 5 are piloted by Shepherds. So how come during the first act, we didn’t see a Mech-Suit (not sure of their cannon name) boss battle? Fighting a Mech-Suit and having to disable it’s gun Brumak Style and take down the behemoth from below.

It feels missed and we could’ve had an awesome boss for Horde that’s not a Swarm. And something other than the Kestrel.

Anyone else feel this was missed out on?

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Afternoon mate.
Not for me, I want to fight organic monsters, not steel , given the choice.

Duff out :wink:

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I guess but I like fighting DBs. They boring but satisfying the way they fall apart.

Maybe Gears 5 can be my substitute for Titanfall 3 considering Respawn found their Fortnite in Apex Legends.

Hopefully. I have the same opinion. Have almost the same time spent on TF2 as I do Gears…the entire franchise.

Edit: not literally but it feels like it.

This. There’s enough robotic enemies as it is.

The Kestral is ok as a boss but definitely the worst.

It’s just devoid of any kind of personality.

More monsters, less robots!

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While that would have been nice, the only real missed opportunity was that we didn’t see signs of a Swarm attack in Settlement 5. Just some destroyed DeeBees here and there, bullet holes, damaged walls, some blood and shell casings in the interior of the Hub… That would have tied the environmental storytelling to Jinn’s ramblings about “taking people.” JD, Kait, Del, and Oscar could’ve assumed other Outsiders were responsible for an unsanctioned raid.

And I’m kind of disappointed that the DeeBees can’t be immobilized with shots to their legs. That would have been a great throwback to Gears 1. They could still keep shooting while DBNO until their weapon arm was shot off.

Settlement 5 wasn’t finished. They were still building it. No one lived there, and therefore, it would make no sense to see signs if kidnapping.

That’s why I said “in the interior of the Hub.” To imply officer Gears like JD and Del used to be.

Instead, TC chose to portray the COG as incompetent. No handlers present for the Deebees.