Miss Old School Players

Am I the only one here who miss those gnashers duels and not people camping with their lancers shooting through the map…?

Im getting sick of it. Im a Gears fan since I got my first xbox (2008)… and it has changed so much, jeez.


Oh look another “im an original and if you use the lancer you can’t be”.


I didnt said that.

Im not complaining about using lancers, Im complaining about ONLY using lancers.

My friend was mad cuz of this, and I said “dude, things change. u need to adapt yourself for changes” Thats OK

The problem here is that it feels like the whole game mechanics has changed… People almost don’t rush anymore, they just stand still with their lancers. And this is boring as hell (MY OPINION)


Still seems pretty Gnasher orientated to me, like any other Gears game. The lancer is OP though :+1:


OP as hell.

I agree with u


I’m waiting for the people to chime in and say “it’s not the Lancer that is OP, it’s the aim assist”

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Here we observe the common Gears player known as a “scrub”. This person gets bodied regularly and refuses to acknowledge that a game with 6 entries revolving around a shotgun, continues to revolve around a shotgun, as if it was about anything else. Amazing


:joy: yeah but no.

Lancer on multiplayer almost doesnt have any recoil… even someone who has a trash aim control can do a lot of damage


I’d say that Execution is meant for you. In Arcade, I find myself Lancering or Hammerbursting way more frequently than Ranked in general, and even less so in the new Execution mode. You must execute the player (or body them with a gnasher, or explosive) in order to get a kill. You can’t just gun people down. If you’re an old school player, you know that this is the only mode outside of KOTH to appear in all Gears and be the “true” mode for Gears.

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I bet that the “Scrub” here has a better KD ratio even playing most of time with gnasher

I’ve had my fair share of OG players tbh…

Play execution whole dig ball game in their Gnasher galore

I’m an OG gears player, been playing since 2006.

I quite like more varied play. The lancer isn’t a gun for every situation, the enforcer is better close range and so is the gnasher. Maybe you’re in the wrong gametype, try King of the Hill or Execution.

The maps are built to have lines of site for crossfire and plenty of flanking options. You also get a smoke or flashbang to help manoeuvre the map.

Gears 1 was actually heavily based on map control and lancers were also essential for acquiring or controlling multiple power weapon spots. Just because you may have played a big gnasher romp back in the day doesn’t mean that was the only way people played. Heck people used to melee to initiate gnasher fights and there was almost a code of conduct to only gnasher but that’s changed like the people who play my dude.


I got your point m8.

But I’ll say again: I’m not saying that people should ONLY use gnashers…

My complaining is about people who use to camp with lancers the ENTIRE MATCH.


In Gears 1 I used to camp around corners and pillars to chainsaw people when I was bored. It took most players 2 more games to learn from that.

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Lancer campers just have weak shotty game so that’s what they do. Unless it’s a game battle or competitive that’s usually the case.

Gears 4 & 5 are also more lancer friendly because of the slow movement and delays catering to the casual crowd.


People that camp HATE shotgun rushers. Shotgun rushers HATE campers. It is just a way to play the game that works for you. I do not call anyone bad because they like to play more cautiously than others.

Nope. Not at all. Seems to happen to a lot of people as they get older.

Here we observe the response that literally makes no sense if meant it was directed at me lol

Ppl can play how they want, no one cares who likes it. Adapt and overcome.