Miss Old Lobby System (Gears 1)

Do you guys miss the old lobby system of being able to join someone’s lobby, pick a side, and it still be counted as ranked?

I understand the reasoning of how games in later years have made their matchmaking (because people cheat the system to try and rank-up), but it’s become so annoying teaming up with random people (some great, some brand-new to the game.) You just never know what you’re going to get.

Obviously there’s custom games, but you need to have people to play with/an invite to the custom game.

Anyone else miss being up to join up to a lobby, play with the same certain players (and switch teams if you’d like) ?


Highly doubt they would bring back old lobbies. Kids these days wouldnt be able to handle the verbal abuse in those lobbies.


Hahaha, true.

Not really asking for them to bring them back, but just seeing what people think in comparison to the match making nowadays.

I took a long break from gaming, and when I came back, I was a little confused on the match making process. It made me realize how I actually miss those lobbies.

That’s where you’d meet a lot of the people you’d play with.

You’d find teammates you gel with in terms of playing as well as in conversation.

Then yes, there’d be crazy amounts of smack talk when different people would join your lobby (or their crew vs. yours.) :rofl:

And then the problem with host back in the day… haha, a topic for another day…

Lobbies are back in 5.

Waiting on confirmation for Ranked.


Nice! (Thanks!) - Where’d you find the info?

From the Escape gameplay.

And I’m sure Ryan Cleven tweeted to confirm it.

They will be there for at least some modes.

Ranked may still be matchmaking,

But Social might get Lobbies.

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I appreciate that. Thanks!

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■■■■■ luv it!


I love that we are getting bits of info drip fed to us now. It is like Christmas each day I wake up and check various Gears sites. :+1::+1::+1:

I can’t wait for the versus reveal and then the eventual tech test.

But the final game will of course have the complete content and will be good to go through on the 6th September!

Exciting times!


Agree. I will be knee deep in the campaign just after midnight on the Friday. Then just soak up all the rest. I’m around 2800 hours gametime on 4…I bet I can beat that :wink:

Yeah, those are rookie numbers, you can definitely beat that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

TC Octus confirmed the early release will feature the whole game so I need to do campaign ASAP !

But if rumours are true and it’s open world and also as in depth as they say, could take a few days to complete!

Normally Gears Campaigns are always very short 6-10 hours or so.

But I’ll try and get it done in 2-3 days.

Hopefully there aren’t too many spoilers in the multiplayer, at least with the playable characters. Can only imagine seeing some new version of Myrrah or whatever Kait might turn into and how awful it’d be to see the lower quality Versus models first without fully understanding what it is.

I don’t think TC would blatantly do that.

They got a lot of criticism last time out for revealing too much Campaign.

That’s why it’s on lock down this time round, we’ve only had 2 trailers and seen one new character and got the gist of what’s kinda happening. Plus the trailers only showed one “new weapon” - the lancer variation.

The versus reveal will focus on changes and additions and of course TC will push Esc 2.0 too as it’s the eSports mode.

The character shown will be minimal and variants we already know about.

All in all, nothing to be spoiled.

We will be fine.
I would be happy seeing Gears 4 avatars, so as to not spoil anything. We will not get too much in the way of Gears 5 spoilers/characters.

I guess they can virtually hug it out miss the old lobbies little trash-talking never hurt anybody

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hahaha wouldn’t call it a little lol

Little was definitely an understatement those were different gamers than there are today one v one doesn’t exist and nothing but lancer babies I miss the good old days shotgun battles in the middle of gridlock nostalgic

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I’m not talking about for the reveal in a few days, I’m talking about starting up the game for the first time and jumping straight into Versus and potentially seeing spoilers. Epic at least warned us that there were spoilers in Horde with Gears 3 (with the Formers), but there’s potential for new character variants that could be spoilers.

If that does happen and we’re lucky enough, they may be only unlockable in the future and not at launch.