Miracles DO happen, IN Gears, lol... (map daily challenges)

Ok, so I see this pop up, and I think to myself “yeah, frack off game, like I will spend 5h endlessly searching for games on those maps”…

The first coop game I jump into is KOTH on District and the second was a Dodgeball on Exhibit…

I was STUNNED into silence… Really…

My first thought was “did they change matchmaking to push you into games on maps you have daily challenges on?”

But subsequent experiments showed no, they didn’t do that… It was just a really feaky lucky chance… :slight_smile:


It’s more miraculous that there is people out there with that amount of Re-Ups on Gears 5.

@Omen_LP I think you are playing to much GOW man… you have to try other games my friend. . perhaps playing Monopoly :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been trying to get a match on Reclaimed for 4 days.

Dreams do come true.

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I played a lot at the start, trying to make myself like it…

Now I just play some coop again AI, mostly, and some Horde with friends who only play Gears (but they are casual fans, not hardcore, so they don’t really notice/care about the direction the game took)…

I just finished my KOTH placement matches, haha, that shows how much ranked I play (KOTH is the only mode I play)…

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Its a " OK " game at best man… needs a lot of work as you know…

We need Gears 6 man… . we need more adventures with Jack LOL :smile:

Yeah, who DOESN"T want to spend 2.5h in Horde flying around, carrying dropped weapons to be smelted for energy and picking up downed team mates… Sounds like a great fun way to play, right?


yeah man wholeheartedly agree … Jack its fun.

Daily Challenge: Win a versus match on Lift

*waits 5 days to play lift match
*finally gets lift match
*lose match
*kills self