Minute Deatails of The Tech Test Trailer

New Execution: At around 0:33 kait does as beat down from behind that ends with her getting up and stomping the back of their head.

Red Led on Cog: shown in the beginning, I’m JD.

Free for all tease: Two times we see characters with WHITE lights, implying neutral. The Onyx guard and the scion who T-bows Marcus.

Environmental events: we clearly see the snow shatter, maybe after being walked on top many times or being shot at.

Advanced map movement: after killing Marcus, the scion slides down a long slope.

Rift worn bones: credit to barricade, the rift worn is on the snow map. I also spotted it in the story trailer, behind the snatcher that attacks kait.

White steel Fahz: At the start, Fhaz has pure white, jewl like armour.

Final opinion i will force into you, gjggity: Why show weapons,characters modes and maps that won’t be in the Tech test, in the Tech test trailer? Pretty dumb marketing, just call it versus reveal trailer.

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Ooo nice find, so far these other 2 maps they’ve teased look way more interesting than the 2 we’ve seen already.

As for the execution, that’s just the overkill execution from 4 (I learned this today as well). And though we probably won’t see all of this in the tech test, it’s possible that they’ll at least add the 2 new maps in weekend 2.

God damnit now I have to rewatch the damn thing.

I hope it’s more White than this as it looks more Silver or Off-White:

Can’t it be chrome? Chrome weapon skins in Gears 3 were great.

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Chrome would be a far more reflective shiny silver.

This is more matte silver.

Yeah but I see the shiny bits. Chrome wasn’t completely reflective all the time, depending on the lighting. It really shone out in bright sun lit maps. But in trailer, it is dark sky.