Minus 1.5 million in damage on horde in 1 wave?!

Played match of horde ; after 1 wave , playing as Jd my damage score after 1 wave was minus 1.5 million !
What happened ??! Anyone else ever experience this ?

Trash JD, get your kills up…lol just kidding it’s another bug from our good friends at TC.


Happened to a friend of mine last night. He was playing as Del, and had about negative 3 million damage by wave 10.

We were playing Jingle Juvies on Insane mode.

I,ll do you one better. Played a masters game where my friend as JD got a -12 million score on one wave. Gotta be a bug.

It’s a bug of jingle juvies and TC will never fix it just like they never fix pepsiman

Pffft. Pleb

You’re too peaceful. Stop tickling the enemies.

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This should be the solution to the thread tbh

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