(Minor spoilers act 3) found new bug i haven't seen reported

The first things I did in act 3 was visit the water tower, then the training facility to retrieve the story item. I returned it to the airfield immediately, playing through the scripted events. Assisting the convoy and such. No issues here. Continued through, completing all side quests along the way. Until the train. After completing the objective of lowering the bridge, the narrative implied I hadn’t yet retrieved said story item from the training facility. After the dialog, I had no mission marker. I quit and restarted, no change. So I went back, prepared to replay that mission. Upon entering the facility, dialog played but camera was clipped through the door and I couldn’t move. Another reset. Now I’m inside and it’s replaying the dialog again. I push up, down the slide to the console Jack needs the vent to access. But now, there’s nothing. No dialog, no button prompts to progress, and no way back… A soft lock. Similar to some sequence breaks I’ve seen in speed running in other games. I don’t want to replay the chapter being so close to the end (I imagine, I’ve avoided spoilers thus far) but I know that’s probably what I’m going to have to do.

Late reply, but I am having the same issue right now and I am trying to keep track of all the threads reporting it. Threads related to the same bug: Campaign soft lock on act three, some Assembly required , Campaign broken for Gears 5 , Single player STILL BROKEN , Act 3 chapter 3 broken and Soft locked out of campaign? Help?. And more. The situation is getting ridiculous.