Minor Input Delay since Operation 6 Drop 2 (PC - Steam)

So ever since OP 6 Drop 2, I noticed a very slight but notable input delay, no matter the mode I play. I have no connection lag or frame-drops according to the in-game stats and benchmark (constant 60 fps with only minor variations - it used to be like that before Drop 2 as well - frame-rate is locked to 60 except for cinematics).

The Input Delay is especially notable when trying to hit that perfect active reload. I can usually still get it but figured I have a harder time now hitting it consecutively like I used to have, sometimes I feel like I should’ve gotten it but the game tells me otherwise. Same thing applies when zoomed in on a Longshot or Embar trying to pop those heads (Horde/Escape especially). I realized it sometimes just slips slightly to far when I’m aiming from left to right or right to left.

I have checked the Video and Game settings and found nothing suspiciously enabled or disabled that could cause a slight variation of the input delay. However I did notice that my GPU is more often than ever up at 100% according to Xbox Game Bar stats, even if only 50% of the VRAM is being used (4 GB out of 8 GB).

I have disabled VSync and it made it worse. I have also enabled Async Compute but noticed no difference. My settings are on Ultra, for testing purposes I set them down to HIGH and LOW, in both cases I felt no difference. The Input Delay kicks in randomly, not every time.

Did anyone notice a similarity or figured if a setting changed somewhere?

I’m running a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. I used to have a very old driver due to the random crashes. Therefore I finally enabled driver update again, and fun fact, settings in-game were reset and now I additionally have frame-drops…

So VSYNC was re-enabled which caused the latency issues, these are now resolved.

However I still have some blurry screen frames every few split-seconds which are a bit odd. Any ideas from anyone?

So once more an update, what I have apparently is called “tearing”. Basically when I look around in the game, especially when left to right or right to left, I notice a horizontal bar at a random location that appears to be blurred in a way.

I double-checked refresh rates and FPS in the Nvidia Settings as well as in the game and on the Monitor and they’re all set to 60 (which I prefer).

Does anyone have experience with it? Enabling VSYNC doesn’t even get rid of this tearing issue. The threads I found on google so far didn’t help me any further.

EDIT: My monitor does not support GSync, it’s too old.

  • Disabled VSYNC (in-game and generally from the NVIDIA Control Panel settings)
  • Put Maximum Framerate to “UNLIMITED” in-game (even though my monitor only supports 60 HZ)

Issue strangely resolved… any other setting did absolutely nothing, neither in the Nvidia Control Panel nor in-game.