Minor improvements for jack in horde

So jack is a great addition to horde. Really appeals to myself as a support player and one to work for the team.
As most of us know his main attributes are his ability to revive and bring in massive power revenue with the forge.
But I can’t be the only one that gets frustrated with picking up and scrapping weapons.

So you have to hold x (which is used for a lot of different functions in this game) whilst hovering near a weapon or item and having your camera aimed near it. This is ok but when there are lots of items on the floor and defences around it gets hard to see and aim at the right thing you want.
On top of this is takes a second or two of holding this button to pick it up as opposed to just a simple press. Now I understand this is to prevent you from mixing up this action with other things that just require a press (not a hold) but compared to playing as a normal gears character picking up weapons isn’t meant to take skill and practice, it’s just an A-B task for jack to support the team. So to make this much more fluid why not use a button like the left stick (which doesn’t seem to be used for anything else) to pick up weapons with just a press making the process faster smoother and less frustrating.

Honestly, there is where remapping should fill the gaps. Much like the issue with bayonetts and the melee button, this could easily be fixed by letting us map it to a button of our choice instead of making it a shared action with the interact button. Holding a button pops up a lot in this game, and it shouldn’t


Yeah there have been plenty of times when I wanted to retrocharge or rev the chainsaw only to jam my gun.