Minor Bugs report

I believe I heard somewhere that TC actually likes from you to manually report the bugs so they can fix them so … well , here I go.


I experienced 3 crushes just today.
That was 2 more yesterday.
I’m not here to blame , I’m an Xbox One peasant , I know that my console can barely run the game.
Actually , I’m here to help you fix this.

I experienced all the crashes in the exact same spot :
The Customization menu.
Not sure if the singular unit matters at this point , because I’m pretty sure I crashed before and it was in the customization menu too , but this unit in particular drives me crazy :
She used to be ‘‘Kim Cuc ‘‘Guts’’ Bremin’’ (I renamed her shortly after) , and I rescued her in Vasgar, I believe.
This was during the Secondary missions before the Reyna + Mikayla one.
The torture pod right up stairs with two amped drones and two wretches + Kantus and friends on the left side – well , she was there.
I’m not actually sure about the name , being a randomly generated one , but I’ve actually seen in other player’s screen that they had the same mighty Tyrone ‘‘Wolf’’ Shepard that I have , so perhaps some rescued Gears stay the same for everyone.
Basically , every time I try to customize her deeply , like hair colour , scars , or armors , the game crashes.


Luckily I had the readyness to take this clip , and it says it all.
Used Distraction on a Drone as Sid.
The Drone shoots Gabe.
Later on , as other Vanguards , Distraction worked as meant.
Not sure if I’m the dumb one and I’m missing something , at this point.

3 : KAT 'S TIC (Gears 5)

Here’s a minor graphic bug in Gears 5 , if you play as Kat B-320 and you do the ‘‘Arm Cross’’ expression , you’ll notice that she has a small tic to the hand.

That’s it for today.
Did some of you experienced those same bugs?
That could help TC solve them even better.

Terry Out.

Please send these to Support.GearsOfWar.com