Minimum Threshold for PVE Difficulty

There needs to be a minimum Threshold of character level to enter the higher difficulties of escape and horde.

I have been put in more games with level 1 characters, and at least every single game has someone lower then 10.

I have not won a single inconceivable game in the daily escape and daily horde in the past 5 hrs.

Basically they are making the game unplayable unless you have friends to fill up your team.

Public matchmaking is FRUSTRATING!!!

You should have to be at least level 15 character play inconceivable level maps on public matchmaking. Lower levels can play through custom matches, were they can be kicked if wanted by host.

You can host featured maps in custom and kick leeches yourself. (The enemy ofc)

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Terrible idea

Maybe level 12 minimum

You can’t trust people, i think there should be some kind of difficulty cap for public matches.

But still, private lobbies are available for a reason…

As a consolation, if you ever run into me in Horde…we’ll win. :wink:

Your name is Claw. So if anyone ran into you, I’d expect they’ll lose,

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