Mini Map seen in Gears 5 multiplayer

Even players that lack visual awareness are unlikely to even use overhead map feature. I didn’t even find out about it straight away. Does the game ever tell you to look at your overhead map is you’re confused? Pretty much nearly everyone doesn’t use it. Don’t know why anyone would be crazy enough to take a moment to look at overhead map. It’s unnecessary feature. It’s better off improvising it.

Tac-com is always better than overhead map. But tac-com won’t show you venom from Escape. This is where mini-map helps. You keep running, on the move, outrunning venom. Instead of taking a moment to stand still and look at overhead map, while venom is about to consume your character at 2x times speed.

Only time I can say that I’ve used it is for seeing which weapons were on the map, when going for the weapon specific achievements. I think in Guardian the Leader can always see the positions of every player (except for the other Leader), but that’s to give them more of a commander-type role.

Yeah, that’s the only reason how overhead map is helpful. Looking at locations name. For instance, on Blood Drive, the spawns are called Morgue and Diner. It helps tell players where they are or have to be. And weapon locations, if you choose not to look through tac-com.

What if the minimap was only visible in tac-com?

Im a coop player and dont play vs, and I dont wanna see a minimap in my coop modes either.

It’s not tac-com-only feature. It is visible all time.

If you don’t want to see the mini-map, you can toggle it off in pause > options.

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Are you sure? I only see the option to turn off the minimap rotation.

And I understand that the minimap is visible all the time. I was hoping to tuck it away in tac-com because thats sort of where you should be going if you need more information.

Ideally tho, i wish visual and audio cues were improved to increase player awareness instead of a minimap.

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“Multiplayer HUD” could include mini-map. If you turn off HUD, the current weapon, reticule crosshair, bullets and kill feed is removed from Gears 4 at least. I would guess it may apply to turning off mini-map too.

I like having my ui clean…but not that clean xD


It’s probably impossible to customise our own HUD from that thread. It just tells you whether you want to switch “Multiplayer HUD” as either “On” or “Off”. If you wanted to keep current weapon, bullets, kill feed and reticule crosshair but no mini-map. It might actually be impossible. I’m not sure if customising HUD is more flexible on PC though. This was for on Xbox console.

Honestly, why do people care so much if it “makes the game easier”. The truth is, that’s kind of what Gears needs right now, a game that is welcoming enough to the new players that they stick around and keep online servers full.

I know, I know… Gears 1 back in the day was the least welcoming game many of us have ever played. We had to work, and practice, die and spectate, and think about our mistakes. There were no training wheels, and that’s what made me good at Gears.

However, back then, there were barely any other games worth spending your time on. So that’s many of us kept with it, and eventually fell in love. However, if new players feel like they can’t compete in Gears they are just going to abandon it and never come back, “see ya Gears, I’m off to Boarderlands 3”.

Look I too, have fond memories of the pride I felt at getting better at Gears through getting my teeth kicked in, but that was almost 14 years ago, my veteran experience means nothing anymore. What does matter however, is the future of this series, and attracting new fans is crucial.


Okay so i feel the community is pretty split on this idea of having a mini map. To me it seems like its to help cater new players and scrubs to be more situationly aware, im personally not a fan.

I think enemies should be highlighted ONLY when they are tagged… the problem with tagging people is when someone is tagged and is sneaking up behind someone theres no way of your teamate seeing the enemy. With the mini map it will show that tag on the map.

This makes tagging peopke very useful in the game… however maybe that will be bad considering everyone will be tagging everyone all the time so it will esentually just show the enemy team? Maybe they will have a cool down for tagging enemy players…

Or the mini map can be just used to see the whole map and weapon locations instead of seeing the enemy.

I might just end up turning it off it it doesnt really add any benifit to anything but if it does show enemies im gonna have to use it because turning it off would be a disadvantage.

what are your thoughts on the mini map and how do you think it works?


I get your point except the big learning curve is one of the reasons why Gears gamer population is so low.

It doesnt take away from map experience and IQ it just reduces the learning curve. Its still an advantage if you know the map without the mini map, but its helpful for noobs.

So with that I approve of anything that doesnt remove the depth of the game but makes it more likely others will play.

So from your perspective a Mini Map = New players and a larger playerbase? That’s interesting but also very misguided.

Changing everything people love about Gears wont magically make Gears Of War mega popular we saw this with Gears Judgement the changes didn’t increase the playerbase it actually decreased it dramatically and turned many of the hardcore Gears players away.

I’m interested to see if your increase the player base formula with a mini map will work because so far all it has done is irritate much of the Gears community including me.


I mean why does it irritate you if you can just turn it off?

You still have a huge advantage over someone that has to constantly look at the mini map to see where they are lol.

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If you turned off mini-map, all your other MP HUD like aiming reticule, kill feed, weapon, bullets and active reload bar would disappear.

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And that’s why there’s Pro players, game testers, some or most being old school Gears players from ‘06 behind the scenes. If they’re okay with it, then… you see where I’m going? They are under NDA.

Even I’ve been playing since Gears 2 and totally okay with the new changes. Not everyone, old school or new is gonna be happy with new changes. The ones that complain are vocal minority.

Yeah but we dont know for sure whether that is the case yet do we? But i think the biggest discussion was that it takes away from people that put time into the game, it really doesnt. If someone has to look at the mini map they are probably dead by the time they look up.

People need to stop comparing these Gears 5 changes to Judgment. Judgment changed the CORE Gears formula. No DBNO, COG vs COG, 1 less weapon ect. Thats why Judgment was a FAILURE. Change needs to happen to keep this franchise alive. Other than the omen change(which I will reserve my judgment until the tech test) these changes arent as big of a problem that people are making it out to be



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