Mini Map seen in Gears 5 multiplayer

I’m trying to contain my outrage as I literally just heard about this from Youtuber Shadowz but wow a mini map showing you every cover on the map as your playing? Back in my day players had to learn the maps and memorize the cover locations and angles.

What’s next TC will we soon be able to detect enemies on the mini map using heat signature technology created by Baird?


The map was underrated anyway. Almost no-one used it through scoreboard > map. This is encouraging players to use a feature much more easily which already existed.

It was called “overhead map”. Holding back on controller and press B. No one did this for Versus or Horde.

Instead of this:

Mini-map is much better IMO. Overhead map not slowing down your gameplay at all.


Is this confirmed? I cant stand his videos and I havent seen anything about mini maps in MP yet. Just in Escape


The Gears 4 “mini map” was perfect as it didn’t allow you to play effectively while viewing it. This new map will decrease the overall skill required and reduce Mastery of a map layout to a pile of dirt

@ll_R_E_D_l Several professional players were allowed to try Gears 5 multiplayer for a E-League episode this is where the mini map was seen

Gears 4 didn’t even have mini-map. Just overhead map.

What kind of game hinders your ability to look at map? Games like Division 2 gives you access to map during gameplay and when on full map screen. GTA gives you map radar and bigger map screen. Same for Red Dead Online.

If TC wanted to try something like changing reticules, making overhead map more accessible through mini-map, those seem like good changes to me. It’s better in a long run.

Overhead map was a redundant feature. No point adding it in if people don’t look at it. But changing the game towards modern gun play, trying risks. Combining overhead map and adding mini-map seems good and safe change.

It will help figure out which direction your team is running in Versus. Is everyone running towards different pickup weapons? Who is fighting where? Is someone not near the ring for KOTH or Escalation? Someone too busy and not pulling their weight? Co-ordinating? No-one near a pickup weapon? You will see much easier on mini-map rather than turning your camera around in Tac-com for team mate locations.


The moment you begin comparing Gears Of War the legendary franchise to mediocre titles is the moment I go outside and take a deep breath before my head explodes.

Read through some of the comments on YouTube already the community is going “errrmm what?”

Here’s a comment I found to be amusing “Then be at a disadvantage to people who have it on. Nah, no wonder this game isn’t called gears of war. It’s not even close to its predecessors.”

Exactly it will make Gears easier in more ways than one which is not a good thing far from it in fact. Also many of the things you mentioned already have a solution called the Tac Com


Being easier is subjective because both teams can use mini-map to their advantage. Whoever uses it better, might triumph and do more successful. It’ll help in Escape and Horde too. Escape to show you how close the Venom is behind your team.

Tac-com doesn’t show you location of team mates behind you. You’ll have to turn your camera 180 degrees behind you. While you’re running straight forwards, are your team mates following close behind you? You cannot see this without mini-map.

In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet:


Blood on my screen, maps in my corners. Back in my day we had nothing but our wits and the xbox message system. Kids these days will never appreciate how easy they have it.


I hope there is no mini map in MP. I would be totally embarrased if there is one. WOOOW just wooow


We have seen it from official pictures, so presumably it is here for Versus rather than just as a tool to help testing.


Teady are you the new @DAVID_THE_CLOWN? Your wit and sarcasm is comparable

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I am done. Every single day I hear something stupid about Gears 5. Mini map, health bars, damage indicator, 6 bullets in Gnasher, Escape mode(which I totally wont play).

I am done. I loose my hopes for Gears 5 more and more. The E3 Escape trailer was a let down and a total insane fail. Really. What are they doing to this game?


@SASxSH4DOWZ has posted a video on YouTube showing off some early footage of Gears 5 Multiplayer from their E-sports series. It confirms a mini map will be on the HUD in versus multiplayer, similar to Escape mode map. If anything, I hope it shows just spotted individuals. I am, as a LONG time Gears player, concerned that this game might going a more casual route. Map knowledge and awareness is, in my opinion, part of the skill gap in Gears. What do you guys think?


If it shows spotted players I guess I can handle that


Trying to bring more players to the game. This franchise needs something to get the player base up again. Getting the same game over and over with no real changes will never get the player base up

People need to stop complaining about something you havent even played yet. The tech test comes out in a few weeks and if you’re that worried about the game. Get 1 month of game pass and try it out when its released.


I will absolutely play the tech test aswell as the game itself. I already pre ordered the ultimate edition cause I am a Gears addict. I will play it anyway. But I dont like these changes. Lets see

Map knowledge and awareness are huge in Gears Of War and this whole mini map nonsense will definitely make required awareness in Gears versus lesser.

I see it all the time in Gears PvP players who simply aren’t aware of what is going on around them and not because the game lacks information it’s because they lack experience. Why are we reducing the skill and experience needed to be an effective Gears player?


As long as it only shows teammates amd marked opponents i dont see what the big deal is


Considering the overhead map does the exact same thing, what’s the difference?