Minh Young Kim When?

What are you guys adding him? He was my main COG in all the other Gears games. Please add him. I’d of thought he would of been added the same time as General Ram.


“We don’t talk about future content”


Tai when?
Classic cole?



At least Cole is already in the game, so they don’t have to get a voice actor back in the studio to record. I would hope his classic skin would show up sometime THIS operation. I wonder if TC regrets their OP4 trailer when everyone is in there classic skin and then there is old man Cole.


I know Dom is back already, but can we stop with the dead characters already? Finally let poor Minh RIP please. And no more zombified characters “featuring their original death wounds still fresh with blood!” That was damn disrespectful.

Get out of here with that opinion. It’s not welcome here.

I do agree about the zombies though.


Disrespectful? Granted, I hated the zombie skins because they looked stupid, but if you’re gonna bring them back from the earth (the Seran mortal coil), you might as well go all out.

Also, no. Bring everybody back. It’s multiplayer, making it non-canon. Hell, bring back the living Locust weapons in MP, too.

I can be here with whatever opinion I want so long as it isn’t calling someone out, cussing someone out, or breaking forum rules. You don’t get to decide what’s welcome or not.

I bet you have 200 ping

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I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

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200 ping is the new single figure ping.

Don’t hate the player hate the I.S provider.

I’m still waiting for the characters in the middle of this operation :sleepy:

9 weeks would be the middle of the operation

We are at 6. Just 3 more to go

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If they bring it back, please be like the ultimate gow model, the classic cgo models :pray::pray::pray:, see Anthony and ben carmine are very broad at the shoulders in gears 5/4, and minh in gears 4 has a slightly … tanned head :-1::-1:

I think you’re right

Interesting had a bug were I could get Sraak, Kim and Sam today so… surprise?


Woah, ask and you shall receive.

You at least you have that power, as we can clearly see. Would you mind doing me a favor, and asking for an Armored Kantus skin next, and maybe a chrome one at that?

Haha, I’m gonna chuck this one up to complete coincidence. How much gold was Kim, 2k?

Yep 2,000.