Minh,Sam and Sraak due to release tomorrow! (Hype)

Having to put something in parenthesis after the word free pretty much confirms it isn’t free. If I have to spend my Gears Coins on a character skin OR card upgrade OR weapon skin OR blood spray… there is a cost to the coins, even if it isn’t monetary.

As @ll_R_E_D_l said, I am still hoping that there is more to come that is truly free for the milestone anniversary of a game that I’m frankly surprised even made it to the 1 year mark to begin with after the dumpster fire that it was to begin with.


Yes “giving” us these characters for an anniversary gift is a joke expecting us to pay. And I am aware this will be purchasable through gears coins. But when??? We don’t have any time table. Look at farmer dom!


I’m hoping as soon as the bundle drops because if not. TC is getting an earful

The biggest issue thats not being addressed by TC is the netcode. They can make all these changes but until they actually address the real problem no one is gonna be happy

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Wow. Charging for an anniversary pack with all the known and on going issues is pretty trashy.


Is that so? Because after looking through the forums I don’t really see too many threads about this.

I’m not saying that TC should or anything, if all everybody is asking for is characters/skins then its sort of their job to keep producing them, its just a huge disappointment for me personally.

I don’t care if they remake ALL the Gears 1-3 maps, give them to us in a week, and give 1000x XP til our fingers bleed, the locust and some of those funtastic guns is all I want :pensive:

Also I doubt its technically possible to change/improve netcode after game comes out, what game have you ever seen do this?

So you believe they should just charge for everything (like in the Gears 1-3 era)?

Gears 5 expects you to earn stuff through playing the game.


Back before TC decieded to get rid of the Gears 4 forum page (for reasons unknown) people were asking about the hammer, digger, gorgon ect and EVERY time it was the same “We dont plan on it” There was a rise in it when people spotted the booshka in the trailer and scortcher when someone freezes you in escapse but TC said the same thing. It also comes up on stream from time to time

Why wouldnt it be possible?


Um… no? What about my statement makes you think that?

I would prefer the good days of Gears 3, actually. Do “X,” get “Y.” No coins, no iron, no loot boxes. Just objectives and rewards.

But more back to the topic of the anniversary, I still believe that if this “Bumble Bundle” / release of this one new and two “new-old” skins, along with some other (in my humble opinion) useless tidbits (banners, blood sprays, etc.) is the only thing they had planned for the 1-year anniversary, then 1) it’s pretty weak content-wise and 2) ridiculous that it’s not completely free and must be bought with iron or coins.

Burying the evidence is always step 1… :rofl:

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Baird be staring creepily at Sam… :rofl:


Look at her and all her glory 20200805_134226

I think that what he’s trying to say is that when you mentioned the price inside of parenthesis after saying it was free then there was a contradiction.
Gears Coins aren’t free. They’re not directly available for cash but you do earn them by putting in time and time most definitely is money. At minimum wage you normally earn like $10/hour and at a Lawyers salary of approx $200/hr that per hour then if you put in hours to get gears coins instead of earning real cash then the $10 or $200 (or wherever in between you fall) is money that you indirectly spent on gears coins.


Yeah, that’s almost the gist of it.

Basically, I just don’t like iron or coins or anything like that. I miss the days of doing an objective and getting a static reward for it, like Gears 3 was. That feels more like an “unlock” in the game versus having to grind for in-game money and then spend that money.

Overall, I supposed its six or a half dozen. @Thee_Bluejay is currently responding to the thread now, probably bashing me in some way. Maybe not. Probably is… If not, yay. If they are, oh well. Everyone has opinions :grin:

In the good old days, if somebody made a game and burned it to disk then you bought that game and they were done.
Today, they keep on coding to rewrite horde and to nerf and buff and buff and nerf - so I can almost sympathize for them to need a way to keep paying the developers that they could’ve laid off after printing the disk if they didn’t want to make a new game.
But token gestures of gratitude for loyalty are appreciated


Sometimes loosely translated means weekly.

My suspicions are that because TC don’t have any great monetary reason to bring back weapons (it would take a good amount of work and yield low ROI) that they probably never will, people constantly begging for maps or characters doesn’t help things because it gives them next to no real reason to ever bother doing it in the first place.

Locust Horde Pack could actually give them some money to cover the cost though, nevermind that tons of the groundwork has already been done (GOW4, GOW5, Tactics) so that’s probably the most odd thing left out of TC’s Gears games in my opinion.

I don’t know the technical issues and the like, all that I know is that I’ve never heard of it being done before.

@TC_Sera is it possible? Or, to be frank, is it feasible? I’m aware that you are not an adept coder at TC or anything, but surely someone over at TC would be able to answer such a question.

Edit: This came off as disrespectful now that I reread it, my bad :pray:

@Lambent_Lail that’s basically the entire system though… Instead of grinding oh I’m sorry “earning” a specific skin you just do whatever you want with Gears Coins. If you remember they had specific unlocks for medals in the tour, they also had character unlock totems… It was exactly as you were saying but they went away with that in favor of something less strict. Your argument about Gears 3 is also bad because then instead of spending time to do X (get Gears Coins) you’d be spending time to do Y (unlock a skin or character) so you’d be investing just as much time regardless no matter how you slice it.

I’ve always been willing to buy content for games, but my definition of content is not what TC’s is. I don’t think adding character skins, banners, blood sprays, etc. are true value-added (again, my opinion).

I would GLADLY fork over real money for some campaign DLC, a brand new PvE mode, or something original and new to the game.

And I 100% agree with you on the disc thing. I’ve said for a while that with as much good the Internet had done for gaming, it has done just as much bad as well. The internet made quality assurance go out the window, because why fix now what you can patch later, amiright?

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In the good old days, games didn’t come on discs.


And that’s why I said I suppose it is six or half dozen. Looky there, we somewhat agreed :sweat_smile:

Look, all this back and forth started between us here because we got slightly off topic of the anniversary. I still believe there should something free… TRULY free, for the 1-year mark. If you don’t think so, that’s okay to have that opinion.

Not sure how we fell down this rabbit hole…

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Please don’t give him ideas or he will want paying to help me on horde!

But as to the point, if you were playing the game anyway they are still free coins or breathing isn’t free either.