Minh,Sam and Sraak due to release tomorrow! (Hype)

With a sweet ■■■ bundle and if you were lucky enough to get em yesterday, they’re yours to use now :v congratulations guys. I’m hype for this bundle tbh


V-Day Sam!!!

Was supposed to be gif but whatever


I think I’m going to have to buy the bundle, just for V day Sam. Older Sam is cool and all but I like her, in her prime :slight_smile:


I’m assuming they pushed it up with the leaks. Was probably supposed to drop for the 1 year mark with an event and all but they decided to bring it up.

But now I wonder if that means there’s anything else coming or if this is it.

I’m pretty sure V-Day Sam will be sold in store as that’s Legacy content and should be obtainable through regular means. But if she’s not hell I don’t care I’m still getting that bundle.

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I’m currently "running * Sam in UE, probably the best version of her we have. Gears 3, also class. Gears 4 in BS armour. :slight_smile:

If this is all they are doing for the 1 year anniversary, this is sh#t

All the problems at launch and all the problems with each update we should be given a lot more



You took the hashtag right out of my mouth…

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And to charge iron for it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Way to say thanks to the fans that put up with all the issues

Thanks Gears


SURELY there will be some freebies… but yeah, it’s pretty insane to have a huge anniversary where you have to buy your own celebratory gift set!

It’ll probably end up being just a free boost week… lmao


Gears community is the most impossible to please community I’ve ever seen, like as a Halo fan I haven’t gotten a decent Halo game in many years (one that stuck to formula) yet instead of just going onto their forums and complaining every day (to be fair I used to) I just moved on to Gears where the illusion of nostalgia keeps pulling me from reality.

TC easily could’ve just withheld these characters for another 2 weeks, yet they decided to go ahead and release them tomorrow, there are certain things about this franchise that still pisses me off (all the weapons they removed for example) and yet its still good :slight_smile:

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Hit me up with that spicy sauce

you’re right, we should all just CONSOOM

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We want Sam, we want Sam.

Here you go!

What, is that it? Is it not free? Why am I paying when you have made mistakes? Where’s the new maps? Where’s Anya?

Charging $18 for an “anniversary” pack is a F U to the fans that stuck with the sh#t launch and game breaking updates for a year.

My company does anniversary promos every year…we give a ton of stuff away as a thank you to the customer, not charge them

I this just rubs me the wrong way

I support this franchise because I love it but TC makes some stupid decisions sometimes


you’ll be able to buy everything with Gears coins though… so basically for free (minus the time it took you to get said gears coins)

Gears community: we want maps! we want characters/skins!

TC: here’s some skins!

Gears community: zzzz

I want some of the old weapons back (scorcher, ink nades, boomshield, etc.) maybe I could get to fight the locust again :cry:

Instead of them doing something unique or cool with the game everybody just wants new dresses to put on their dolls or Gridlock 76 :disappointed:

@ll_R_E_D_l btw bundles are kind of a waste of money :roll_eyes:

If you want to spend $18 on something you could easily just get for free (with gears coins) then so be it, but that’s your choice not anyone else’s.

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But Malibu Stacey has a new hat!


People have been asking for weapons to return since 4 and TC every time tells us theres no plans to bring them back

Its more like

Community - Can we have Manson/River/Jacinto

TC - NO, but heres Canals, Lift and other reamkes no one is asking for

Community - ZZZZZ

And I agree that the bundles are a waste but its not the point

TC acts like they are doing us a favor for this bundle because its an “anniversary” bundle when its the same price and same set up as the Carmine bundle. At least charge less

Actually reward the fans that have stuck with the game this past year. Its not like we had the best launch and every update has been flawless


Listen I’ve just accepted that TC won’t do anything actually meaningful for the fans and am contempt with what’s happening. Existence is pain


Yeah no joke. This community says movement is too fast and can’t react, then they slow movement, then they say it’s too slow and bring back gears 4. They say gib range is too close, then they say it’s too big.

I rarely see any real constructive and reasonable feedback. its just because constantly never being satisfied. that’s why its important to make decisions based on your vision of the game (tc’s), and take others feedback with a grain of salt. You can never appease everyone.

its a waste of time trying to reason with the majority of people.


To give more context:

E3 2021 (sorta) Halo Infinite trailer

everybody and their mums: GrApHiCs!

fans: why does this game still have sprint? why are they replacing iconic weapons? why no MP gameplay?

343i delayed the game almost exclusively for the graphics complaint, the game will be just as awful for Halo fans since CE because we’ll still see the same garbage we saw from Halo 4/5.

I’m using Halo as an example of the disparity between what an average person wants and what a veteran fan wants :slight_smile: