Milestone emblem ideas besides diamond master?

Don’t get me wrong I love how diamond matters get a sweet reward but I am interested in seeing what other emblems the community can earn as diamond master only covers a small portion of the community.
It would be nice to see other milestone emblems be rewarded to different players such as beating ironman inconceivable on all maps within a season or something to that regard.
I am personally a versus player but I know a decent chunk of the community is not and it would be nice to see other aspects of the community get a reward for their efforts in other areas of the game


I mean we get Wings for Horde but would like something else too. Perhaps what you were saying about incon. and whatnot

That’s just 1 idea off the top of my head point being something very hard to achieve within a season that is rewarded with an emblem. I know we have the emerald challenge but I was thinking of other things sprinkled along with that

I think the latest D5 is probably one of the best ever in the game, would love a set to match with it.

And I agree, there should be more rewards other than Diamond Master.

Come on TC, Do an Onyx Emblem just for me and other people who don’t bother going to diamond :confused:

In speaking of that diamond emblem it’s beautiful, Can anyone carry me please? :rofl: I mean I can atleast get diamond 2 solo, But diamond master? That’s almost impossible for me

I think of some of the diehard Gears fans who might not be high ranked but they love the game and I’d like to see an emblem for people who have been there for the long haul and put in a lot of hours, even though they may not be “good” at the game.

I know some guys and girls who have way more dedication to the game than I do but they will never make it past Silver. Give them something special besides are-up emblem.

If that’s the case, give the SP players a special emblem as well. Especially for beating the game(s) on Insane difficulty. I wouldn’t mind having that.

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I probably fall into this category.

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