Mikayla is an under rated character

Just for the hell of it and for a little bit of trolliness, I started maining with Mikayla. I never see anyone play with her. And ive really grown to love using her. She has awesome voice lines…


She, Sid and Minh are characters I see pretty rarely.
I like using Minh because of:

Dont be clowning on Minh!
Hes become a favorite of mine recently.

thats how my love for Minh began, I played as him just because he always had the codes but now I really like him. I hope he can have some comics about himself and his story about the locust war leading up to RAAMs shadow and maybe some stories about him and OG Delta (Dom, Kim, and Carmine), since TC made it canon that he was in the military during Emergence day.


Chaduk on top


Would be cool if Minh had more skins. I think he currently only has 2? I could be wrong. Screw Mikayla, this is a Minh Kim thread now!


he has two, his second skin is just white armor lol.
im not sure what other skins we could give Kim.

Her character is honestly just the same old copy and paste of “I’m stranded and I hate the COG” blah blah blah nonsense that I’m beyond sick and tired of seeing already, there’s already several characters like that.

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Tactics takes place during Prescotts hammer strikes, do you expect her to just get down on her knees and praise Prescott? it makes sense she is upset. all of the stranded we meet in gears 1-3 hate the COG because of that. its kind of their thing.


Her laugh is annoying and she sounds like a bitter ghetto black woman

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Yeah I know that but it doesn’t mean we need another character that’s like that.

well clearly you dont because the context matters lol. it makes sense. I would be baffled if I didnt meet any stranded in tactics who were upset with the hammer strikes. its not something youre going to just up and forget.

at that point we might as well not have any “by the books” Gears because we dont need “another character thats like that”.

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As a matter of fact I do, while you on the other hand don’t. I never said anything about not meeting any stranded that hate the cog since that’s expected given the time period I’m just tired to getting more characters that are part of that faction when we already have several characters like that.

I actually do, youre tired of seeing characters that are expected to be seen in a game that takes place during Prescotts hammer strikes. its to be expected so im not sure why youre surprised that they gave us a stranded side character.

who would you suggest then? the UIR? Actually that wouldve been pretty epic.

If you did then you wouldn’t be creating a strawman argument, when did I ever say that I don’t expect to see any stranded in gears tactics? Did you even read what I said in the beginning? smh :man_facepalming:

But you’re not happy about seeing characters we see all the time?

What? What are you talking about? :roll_eyes:

Ok yeah I couldve worded that a little better I’ll admit, but you’re unhappy with us getting the stereotypical stranded right?

That’s what I’m trying to get at here.

It’s like you’ve completely forgotten what the op said and what I’m exactly tackling on, now you’re just making assumptions.

The op is talking about Mikayla being an underrated character, I think shes ok.