Might be an unpopular opinion, but

Sawed off for Gears 5. Don’t see why it was taken out and replaced with an even more powerful shotgun. I feel like this game should have way more weapon variety than 4. They should also bring back the Mortar and OneShot.

Honestly, I think overkill is one of the most inconsistent weapons in the game. And it’s name vs it’s performance, leads me to say it’s anything but overkill. The thing with the sawed off is it encouraged too much camping, only bring it back as a pick up IMO.


The SoS was a flawed weapon and Cliff admitted himself that it was a regret. The weapon was a one-shot and often negated cover and encouraged camping.

For a “casual-player” weapon, it didn’t slowly bring users up to speed and have them switch to the Gnasher, it just made it easier for anyone using it to get kills, doing the opposite of helping new players.

Same with the Retro in GoW3. When the casuals stopped playing Gears for the next big thing, the only people left playing and using these easy weapons were people who didn’t need them. And that was just horrible.

The Overkill is a similar idea but I don’t think the cone-of-death is nearly as large or is the weapon as powerful that it needs only one shot to gib entire teams.

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Definitely would rather the SoS than the damn overkill tbh

I want to see every weapon back.



Gears 5 seems to be more diverse than the other games already from what we have seen in the trailer, new butt stocks on the Lancers, seems to be like a overkill attachment on one of the Lancers, I won’t be surprised if we some old guns return, it’s all about survival now in Gears so the survivors and remainders of the COG will make most of the resources that are in reach.

TBH, I’ve used the Overkill a lot and I find it more consistent than the Gnasher by a long way.

I find that people don’t really know how to effectively use the weapon, rather spray and pray, rather than holding the trigger and getting a tighter spread.

What he said. I am just learning how to use it, and it is fairly effective, if used correctly…

Lol, I think the mortar would be great for team wipes, and scorcher would just be fun!!

Sawed off seemed great in Judgment though, had the right weapon balance. I wouldnt have mind if it was bought back again but further fine tuned. The overkill is great an all, but rather have the sawed off back.

Tbh, all the effort into making the weapons only to remove them seems like a waste.

Chuck em back in!

I don’t see how camping with the sawed off is any different than camping around a corner with the gnasher… Too me it seems like TC removed the sawed off and replaced it with the overkill and replaced the retro lancer with the retro lancer mk2, made them totally over powered and removed them as starter loadout weapons and then called it a day because TC isn’t very good at balancing weapons. :laughing:

Yeah, the weapons just got a tweak and remake.

But essentially the same ting.

Encouraged run ‘n’ gun play style.

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Omg yes!!

You run up to someone, shoot AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Haha was so fun :joy:

Or switch to Gnasher Shotgun and fend off other players after you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I guess so :sweat_smile:

The Sawed Off only works if it’s a two-shot, long reload BLAM gun. Perfect reloads should allow players to fire both shots nearly simultaneously. Aiming shows the crosshairs “click” from left to right.

It worked in Judgement. And it doesn’t need need all that horizontal spread it had in Gears 3.

Overkill is a great weapon. Primary fire you just spam the trigger and the enemy gets painted on any wall up to ten meters away. Eventually.

But Overkill has secondary fire. Hold the trigger. It holds the second shot. Release to fire it when the reticule shrinks. Hold and release to repeat. Headshot enemies and obliterate heavies up to twenty meters away. Give or take.

They both can work in Gears. The Overkill already does.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of SOS like this too :+1: