Midnight omen weapon skins

Are we going to get another chance for all of the midnight omen weapon skins. I think they are really cool and I would love to have them I’ve just been too busy to get them. I have been playing Gears of war since the first game,

There will be more chances, and they’ll be made craftable once event support for Gears 4 ends so the achievement will stay obtainable.

What color will that be



Leave me out of this😒


You mentioned it via pm in the first place


Merely as an observation. I didn’t want to get involved🤣
But I guess i’m here now…

Do you smell it?

What? Victory?

No, fart boy.

The Midnight-Syndrome clash!

Ohhhhhh! Yeah.
I’m so glad those threads disappeared :joy:

Yeah, why is that?

Cuz I was sick of replying to them. But at the same time they were so dumb that I couldn’t ignore them

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Everytime one popped up I thought

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Every time I saw a “don’t have MO skins in COG loadout” my faith in humanity got a little bit smaller

Coalition should focus on that topic suggestion they mention in the guidelines

This is looking a lot like our PM threads…:joy:
Where is everyone else?

Who cares?


Lol. I didn’t realize that there was a limit of the amount of posts you could make in a PM thread.

I’m still missing some MO skins myself. I just couldn’t bring myself to play Juvies to get the 5 card pack