Midnight Omen Weapon Skin Set

Hello fellow Gears fans and Coalition soldiers!

I have something on my mind that has been irking me lately. Well, to be honest, it’s three things, and those three things are the last three midnight omen weapon skins. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of running a complete set of badass skins with a cool character in Gears 4! Let me tell you that I have been looking forward to running the midnight omen weapon skin set with my favorite horde character, the Gear Corpse, for a long long time! :smiley:

Unfortunately it seems like the roll-out of this particular weapon skin set has been put on some sort of hiatus, because I remember earning these skins two and three at a time before the syndrome set was announced, and now it seems that I will complete the syndrome set before the midnight omen, as they are being steadily doled out.

So I am creating this thread to show some love for the midnight omen skins, and create some awareness that they are not forgotten and sorely missed. :heart:


They are coming still they haven’t been forgotten about already, even if you haven’t been able to complete the challenges they will eventually become available to be crafted.

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At this rate, craftable in 2019 when Gears 5 drops and Gears 4 goes quiet.


Yeah they were forgotten about…otherwise they would’ve been finished by now…silly how they have the MS skins with a two weeks challenge and the Omen Skins will end up taking 8+ months to get…how many syndrome skins have been released? Did they all get out yet waiting on a few more?

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The challenges to get skins shouldn’t be time limited either.

I only got two skins because I couldn’t play at the time due to the PC crashing bug. Who knows when I’ll be able to get them now.

Challenges (especially Horde ones) shouldn’t be time limited :angry: