MIdnight Omen Torque Bow, Snub, and Longshot Skins

i am confused are you saying the horde mania event for June 29th is now July 6th but isn’t even for the 3 remaining midnight omen skins it is for whatever those green and white ones you previewed us? My question is when are you going to be offering the 3 remaining midnight omen skins which are the Longshot, Torque Bow, and Snub? Its like you keep dragging this out March you delayed them for us to get lucky skins and now from what i can tell the event is a week delayed and not even for midnight omen skins. Do i have this wrong or is there something i have missed?


I missed out on all of them except 2 midnight omen skins (I got 2 out of the whole set, which I got playing on a friends xbox) due to the PC crashing bug and I would love the chance to earn them again. I have two skins out of the entire set.

The skins shown for the challenge look absolutely horrible in comparison

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Wow… just posted this same thing at the same time …:grin:

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I think TC knows how many people want to use this set and are currently stuck with 3 off skin weapons so they’re dragging it out. If they spied on party’s I’d believe it because me and my friends have said that’s the main reason we’re still playing.


HUG3 theres 3 midnight omen skins still missing not 2 the snub, longshot, and torque bow have never been offered and i assumed were gonna be with this fridays horde mania event but now it is a week delayed but now their showing these green white ugly skins so i am simply asking are they ever gonna offer these 3 as when they say the heartbeat was one in the first of a new line of skins, and now these green and white ones i assume are a new line seems odd as why are we starting new lines of skins when you haven’t finished the midnight omen skins. I have been waiting and waiting and now not only 1 week delay but there not for midnight omen skins?

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You misunderstood me. I said I only got 2 skins out of the entire set. I’m missing the rest of them.

The wording was dumb on my part, so I’ve edited the post :slight_smile:

sorry i misunderstood but understand as it takes 5 to get the cheevo and they said they will have these and flaming make returns will early September were the flaming markza and longshot when have those ever returned? and now they have started a heartbeat skin set and looks like green and white skin set so i don’t understand are they done with the midnight omen skins as i am just wanting to complete the set let alone players who missed out on any would clearly want a 2nd chance but i don’t see that happening so far.

I fully agree. It’s really frustrating.

I vote they just make them craftable. It was a nightmare in the past when you had to complete horde to get 1 of 3 possibilities randomly. 1 of 2 not as bad, but then how would we get the last one?


I too am curious if they are any plans, however I’ll be patient.

The Torque Bow will look beautiful.

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I don’t mind playing for 3.

There will be a relatively long time to earn 'em. So, even if we get into rng unlucky nightmare, all you have to do is play a lot (as usual here…).

I didnt even know of the midnight omen skins when it first came out because it was never advertised on the MOTD like they normally do with weapon skins. As a result I missed out on getting the lancer and gnasher skins.

I was able to get the others through playing horde but I wish they’d allow us to acquire all the previous ones we missed out on…

They look like a damn soccer ball and field skin

Yeah, I’m not a fan of them at all. I’d grind to not have them in my inventory LOL

Yeah only to keep getting the same 2 f*cking skins over and over again…

I think its time they turned the crafting option on for the Midnight and Flaming skin sets. Especially if there’s more skins they have ready to go.


i am missing only the enforcer one( from all that came out) so i wouldn’t mind to see them craftable or earnable again.
and yes, we need the last 3.

i assume these and the flaming ones will one day be craftable as their tied to an achievement but the syndrome ones are esports as of now 8 have been released so 6 weeks to go but esports skins character or weapon they have never and claim they will never make craftable. This post was simply asking why were aren’t getting the chance to complete the midnight omen skin set as it is previewing these green white skins and i know they said skins would return but a few flaming ones have and i don’t believe any midnight omen skins have and i am just after the 3 that haven’t been offered yet so ill wait until they one day post about them as so far i don’t seem to find or get any answer as to when or if these are coming in the near future?


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