Midnight omen, Syndrome, Heartbeat

Does anybody have a count of what all skins that have been released?

I’d figured all of them but I’m always late to the party.

Does TC have any plans of re releasing any of them? I’d like to complete my sets before gears 5 comes about?

All of the 14 Midnight Omen and 14 Syndrome skins have been available several times now.

The Syndrome ones were from watching the live streams. The old Phantom ones were made available multiple times so maybe they will be available again during some future streams. They’re currently focusing on the Canada Omen set right now.

There’s a reward for the upcoming Jingle Juvies event where players who clear three games of it (waves 1-25) will get a Gear Pack containing 5 random Midnight Omen skins.

TC said during last night’s stream that they haven’t decided on whether to re-release the Midnight Omen skins and in what form. They said they want to make the achievement achievable, so they might make some craftable in the future or attach it as a reward for one of the permanent game modes.

I don’t think all of the Heartbeat ones have been made available yet. I couldn’t tell you which ones have and haven’t but I vaguely recall there being about 4-5 that haven’t been available yet. If anyone knows for sure feel free to correct me!

Awesome that’s what I thought!!

I’d like to have some more syndrome skins and MO complete set. I have been collecting team animals but they aren’t the same as those other skins.

When have the syndrome skins been made available since their initial run?

I must admit, I can’t remember. I just presumed cos I have a duplicate of the Syndrome Markza so figure maybe it was released twice? I could well be mistaken though and maybe the duplicate came from a stream glitching.


They haven’t been released since their initial run to my knowledge. I have a duplicate Markza too, but I believe it was given away during one of those streams where they offered it once for retweeting and watching the stream for 15 minutes as well as a second option of claiming it after watching the stream for 30 minutes and not retweeting and I claimed both prizes.