Midnight Omen skins no longer available

Upon completing the Jingle Juvies horde challenge I opened the midnight omen pack and doubled up on a few skins I had previously earned and got a few new ones, when I went to manage my inventory however the ones I had earned twice had disappeared, namely my lancer, gnasher, and snub. Anyone else experience this or know how it can be resolved?

You probably went to equip them on the COG side for multiplayer, annoyingly they got removed because people complained that it would ‘throw them off’ because they can’t tell their teammates apart from an enemy just because of a skin. Even though the Swarm Pod is available on both sides which makes no sense.

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TC announced this publicly back in October on twitter and on the community streams about switching them to:

  • Syndrome (COG)
  • Midnight Omen (Swarm)

To prevent confusion when playing multiplayer.

Closing t due to multiple threads of this topic. Please take the time to use the amazing search feature of this board and see if your question has been answered before creating a new thread.

Thank you.

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