Midnight omen skins disappear on anyone else's account?

It’s not a major ordeal however all my midnight omen skins are gone. It happened after I unlocked heartbeat and flame skins from osok event… anyone else experienced this? I’m not overly upset just this confirms that some of my unlock skins appear to disappear in the past and I thought maybe it was just my imagination. Like maybe I didn’t unlock this lightning or that trippy skin. But now my midnight omen skins have disappeared altogether. Kind of frustrating even though this game is probably going to be obsolete upon gears 5 arrival. I be honest at this time to proclaim I may not buy into it only because it’s current developer hasn’t been innovative enough to create actual original material, nor is it maintained it actual gears of war feel. It has improved the graphics but that was and is to be expected. Not to mention new consoles are on the horizon and gears 5 is too early to leave an impression. I’m not hating but at this juncture I feel like this games focus and overall feel is trying to incorporate itself into the esport that I honestly never cared for. I understand they are trying to maintain momentum, let alone tranction in the streaming potential and what have you, however the gamer should always come first. All these skins and what have you probably won’t carry over and frankly it should. It should force the developer to not resale merchandise on a franchise they are lisenced to use. It’s pretty sad that the gears 4 and 5 stories don’t actually align with the creators story line. The only way I’m going to buy into gears 5 is if they carry over all previous skins into game as craftable skins and allow those who purchased the esport skins to utilize them free of charge. Permit those whose who have not purchased them the opportunity to do so, however those that have and possess them should carry over. Force creativity not some sort of addiction to gambling. I wait to see what they plan on doing before outright boycott. Because I suspected there was no loyalty from the coalition and I’m ready to confirm it. Should they do something in favor of the consumer I am willing to acknowledge I was wrong for these assumptions however I more than 95 percent sure they will prove me right. I say this all because I purchase this game and it was nostalgic to touch and the mechanics of it predecessors. However with patches from Feb, March, and April 2017 it warped it’s true mechanics to this garbage it is today for the sake of esports? Are you kidding me? Nope. You weren’t and you’re not and you’re still maintaining your stance on this. I wonder how many vets will know better after this one for nostalgias sake. Then again many like it’s current set up howevever no hammer burst and buff the lancer were bad calls. This games future is guaranteed to not make more than it’s current because there isn’t much more to improve on nor there isn’t the mysetery of what’s gears like on Xbox one. So let’s see how many will buy and compare it to gears 4. It’s already a niche game, there isn’t going to be more growth nor more room for it until the next console. And it’s my personal opinion that they should get someone to know how to rationalize and explain their mechanics with sound communication skills. Not someone second guessing his own words upon realizing it didn’t make sense.

I give up…(runs off a cliff and is never heard from again)


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Midnight omen skins are swarm side only.

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