Midnight omen pack in my store

Logged on today to play a bit of horde to a midnight omen weapon skin box.
Where did that come from as my wife never got one and usually we get anything like that together.
Just thought it was a random pack to get.

Can’t recall how they were delivered (thought they just appeared in customization menu), but the last Horde challenges gave an opportunity at getting some of the skins randomly if I remember correctly. Did you get the whole set or just five random skins?

Just 5 random skins in a pack saying midnight omen skins.
I thought it was strange.

The OSOK challenge for finishing 3 matches was rewarded with a crate of 5 Midnight Omens. The other rewards came in directly.

That’s it. Thanks. I had duplicates I scrapped, but couldn’t remember. Mine must have come from the OSOK mode.

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I never played a single match if that lol.
I came in useful for scrap though as I had the set anyway lol.
Thanks guys

Quite strange then. I think jingle juvies was the last time prior. Anyway you are welcome.