Midnight omen lancer skin

are we going to have a chance to get the midnight omen lancer skin ???

During the juvie madness event it will be a drop.


Coalition will really get juvie madness back, I thought you were all joking.


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They can be earned right now in feral playlist. Random skin each boss wave

Did you try it?

Played it yesterday and after we won wave 10 there wasn’t boss loot… and 3 insta left.

Yes. I ran a full 50 on feral last night. MO skins each time. Maybe it was only for 30/40/50. Cannot recall but was surprised none the less.

I believe Octus said on twitter the other day they’ll be giving at least one more chsnce to get flaming skins. This may likely apply to midnight omen skins too.

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I got three playing Feral today.


I’ve already solved this. Sigh. Lol. The fellow below has also.

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Oh you mean it wasn’t a fan favourite game mode to kill the same annoying enemy for 25 waves in a row? This is news to me, and apparently TC as well

Nah, I’ll stick to incon 50.

Had plenty of juvies for a lifetime.

It’s my 7th run now. All I get is the Boltok, and Gnasher . It’s really frustrating to get the Lancer. I wish they could increase the drop rate a bit. It’s not a joke playing 7 hours grinding for the Lancer.

It reassures me I’m not the only one. 5 times I received the “skin” of the “boltok” in normal mode “madness of the offspring” (lol) and the “Gnasher” in difficulty “insane”