Midnight Omen, Heartbeat, Syndrome & Flaming Weapon Skins

I’m just wondering if there will be future events/chances to unlock these weapon skins…

I missed the Syndrome set entirely and I’m still missing a few from the other sets (Looking at you Snub pistol) and I figure with the team working on gears 5 and no more (new) content being released for Gears 4 we might see these a few more of these events in the near future (Syndrome), personally these are some of my favorite sets compared to the phantom skins and I would love another chance to finish my set. Post your thought, ideas and suggestions.

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I don’t think they will release all of them again. Perhaps 1-2 sets only. It took how long to get all 12 Midnight Omen skins? They would have to have an event or 2 that would drop 6 for one event and 6 for the other event to make it worth while. After E3, I don’t see Gears 4 being played much besides the stragglers that still play it.

I see no reason not to have future events with these skins as the rewards, they’ve already stated that they will no longer be releasing new content for gears 4, so why not release old content that we want, lol. It only makes sense, though time will tell.

Well they should just make them craftable

I enjoy the event rewards, but sure that would work too, lol!

Midnight, Heartbeat and Flaming will certainly come back at some point, specially the Flaming ones since they’re tied to an achievement.

The Syndrome I don’t think so, that’s because they belong to the E-Sports department, TC have made clear numerous times that they have no control over how e-sports skins are awarded.

We got the Syndrome Gnasher last night, only time will tell.

It was given out during an eSports stream which is very different to making it available via the game like gear packs or challenges.

Yup, several good skins last night, but that was a Fight Night Esports event, TC as a studio doesn’t have control over how or when said content is distributed.

TC has said in the past that the Midnight Omens and Flaming would become craftable, so as to not lock the related achievements. If they do it will likely be near the end of support for Gears 4.


I am pretty worried because I have 3 achievements left and 2 of them are the flaming skin and midnight skin achievements. I really want to complete this game and I have worked really hard. I hope this isn’t ruined by some dumb skins.


Where did they say this?

It was last fall on one of the developer streams.
It was quite a while ago, so who knows?

This contradicts what they have said in the Gilded RAAM challenge announcement, where they also mentioned most other skins in the game would become craftable. Except…

Exceptions to the Series 3 craftable list:

  • Flaming Weapon Skins
  • Midnight Omen Weapon Skins

I only included the relevant points of that list.
When previously, it was said that there would be ways to obtain those skins later because both sets are tied to an achievement. I think this is in need of some elaboration. Pretty sure this was also stated in a What’s Up at some point but I’m not really bothered to go dig it up.

Like I said, who knows?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: