Midnight Omen Emblem

Hey guys. Just a few weeks back my team and I won the Gods of Thunder Community event which was hosted by GFC and Crimson. (They did an amazing job hosting and streaming the event!) I just received my Midnight Omen Emblem which is only obtainable from either placing 1st or 2nd in that community event, Wanted to show it off to you guys and get some opinions on it.

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Compared to the weapon skins, it looks a bit washed out tbh.


I am Jealous :stuck_out_tongue: Were you on the 1st team or 2nd?

Happy you got though. Does it “pulse” it should do. I have unlocked several “dynamic” ones in TF2 . I think we will get moveable ones in Gears 5.

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Nco grats on winning the limited edition emblem, looksnpretty dope!

I cant help but feel its similar to the lines of the blood stream. It has the same if not similar color scheme jbut just styled a bit diffrerently. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it’s cool to have. I personally don’t think it looks very special to be honest.

Not cool? Its a legendary emblem you know (saw on twitter). Its one of the few legendary emblems in game :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just because of the thing you said, it looks too much like the Blood Stream emblem. At least for something like the Blood Moon Imago, there’s not really anything like that in the game. If the emblem looked similar to how the actual Midnight Omen skins, I’d think it’d be pretty nice.

My team and I placed 1st.


Indeed, but its kind of ironic though, the blood stream is a common and available to e everyone and midnight is legendary and limited to few people.

On a scoreboard, people wont bother looking at the differences, at a quick glance they’ll think its the same given the high similarity and colors.

The emblem should have been a rare.

But i wonder why they didnt release that emblem to match the skin set.

It looks boring. I agree with @RelaxedHoffman, it should be richer in colour at least.