Midnight Omen Boomshot skin problem

I won a Midnight Omen Boomshot skin. It appears in my Inventory list, BUT NOT in Boomshot Customization, SO I CAN NOT SELECT IT!!!
Any ideas?


Try looking in the Swarm or Horde customisation menu.


You are right, in Swarm and Horde it appears. How to use it as COG?

You can’t equip the Midnight Omen skins in VS as COG as it was supposedly causing confusion - but it’s fine for Horde and your VS Swarm loadout.


Oh boy smh

Thanks for the tip. The weird thing is I can equip other midnight omen skins. Well, at least now I know

That does seem strange - I have no clue about that one!

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Sorry, YOU ARE RIGHT! I was able to equip them, NOT ANYMORE. Thanks a l,ot for the info!!!

No worries. :+1: