Mics? What's the deal bro?

What happened? Gears 4 everyone had a mic seems like. Makes for good communication and gameplay. Gears 5 though nobody is mic’d. Every 5th game maybe 1 out of 4 squadmates has a mic. And in Horde of all modes! Can’t discuss where to put the fabricator or which characters are best for the squad. Do everyone a favor that plays this game and go get a headset unless you’re just playing campaign. You’re just making it less fun and more frustrating for everyone and trust me even you’ll enjoy it more. Oh and then there’s the private party chatters, really? You don’t think your whole squad needs to hear you and be able to communicate with you? It’d be nice to know thoughts on why this specific shift has taken place?

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I can explain. The general toxicity of online play has become out of control and no one wants to hear a 10 year old rage or someone blaring thier crap music in the background. Now I have a mic but I generally dont wear it unless I am in a squad with friends. I play games to unwind and the social part of online play is kind of the opposite. It’s a shame really because I used to like conversing with my team but I am sure that is why many dont.


that 5,000%

The worst part is in either scenario if you politely ask them to turn down the music or not scream so much they double down on it. Mic goes beside the speaker or the kid starts being more obnoxious. Or the thing that has happened the most to me throughout all of the gears titles, you get squad mates that are terrible and bottom of the board every time and they’re constantly yelling about how the rest of their team sucks.

I do meet people and make friends online, but it’s mostly someone from the other team that is saying GG via message.

I have 2 mics. 6 xboxs controllers all of them the mic import doesn’t work for some reason . I bought one controller after another and after awhile they all break. Saving up for another one. Xbox and their ■■■■■■ hardware, I bet they make it faulting just for this reason . They got some money out of me on these controllers…■■■■■■ Microsoft…

Pretty sure it’s because voice chat isn’t working right for mad people. My mic is fine and works in other games and gears won’t recognize it. Super beat


I see the same problem, but if you wanna give Horde a go with mics, @ me. My username is my gamertag.

1 in 5 horde matches I end up muting someone. Not because they’re talking trash it’s because they aren’t talking but I hear their background noise.

Also most randoms don’t want to listen. I’m an engineer main and whenever I try to give constructive advice the Del of that match just quits without saying a word. I see Dels build a sentry at wave 1 instead of saving for a forge or a weapons locker. I see them dropping the fabricator so far in the back that the enemy spawns all around us. It’s like giving a reasonable suggestion is stepping on their manhood. It feels like being a Decepticon pointing out the flaws in one of Megatrons plans.

Then there’s the dumb ■■■’s that spend money on ammo instead of depositing. Or the people who aren’t smart enough to leave one drone alive/bleeding so Jack has more time to smelt.

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90% of the time someone is using a mic in game they have music blaring in the background, their tv turned up so loud i can hear everything through their mic, or they speak spanish. I do not want to listen to any of that. so they instantly get muted.


I hate to be that guy, but if my friend that I play Gears with is on, we’ll just sit there and go back and forth during the match. We don’t do party chat…and we’ve managed to get several players to join in on our conversations. So…there’s that.

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Haven’t Mic’d since 2015.

Don’t miss it

I use my common sense with certain situations and in the end I’ve won many horde games in 4 and 5 without any form of communication. With 4 that includes Inconceivable.

I only Mic up when i’m playing with budz. Otherwise I don’t want to listen to the toxic spew of randos, household conversations, babies screaming, dogs barking, non stop cussing. 90% of the time if someone has a mic, i end up having to mute them anyway.

I always do a mic check at the beginning but most people like in real life rather communicate through text so I sigh and just say my peace and start reading there messages super annoying

The peak of the usage of mics was gears 3 IMO. It was still used pretty often in gears 4, but way less. Here? even less obviously cause there’s no point with the game at its current stage