Mics on gears 5

Why doesn’t anyone use mics anymore to talk in gears ?

For starters I can’t tell when the dam thing is on because it doesn’t show the mic icon by name anymore…

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Thats sucks I remember in gears 2 I would always talk I miss those days dude this text stuff is really dumb

It really feels like with every new Gears title the headset players become less
I feel you man. It’s one of those things you’ll truly only get from the previous titles.

Usually in a party with my friends.

But if I solo I invite everyone.

Mute people who have their whole family in the background. Or noises.

Party chat and even discord have effectively killed game chat, my dude.

I do miss the good ol’ days when everyone was using their mic in game chat, though. I met so many 13 y/o’s were all my father :frowning:


Theres also the toxic turkeys that play and insult everyone and anyone.

So lol that’s what gears is all about talking :poop::poop::poop: meeting people i guess thus new generation is different smh young kids

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Kids nowadays are such drama queens and get offended so easily and report you to xbox. last time i used my mic i go banned for a week and i don’t even know why. so i don’t use my mic anymore unless im in a party.

Personally, whenever I see a person having mic I reflexively mute immediately. The problem is that there’s a construction error with most mics. They need to be push to talk only but many are not, leading to lots of people transmitting their heavy breathing or ■■■■ music taste. If mics were constructed properly, or people learned how to mute their mics maybe mics would have some relevance.

In the case of playing Horde, I don’t think is need it.
PvP! well, only try hards be using it lmao! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

A fair few still

Maybe they need to have no party chat in ranked or something that’d get the community talking. Trash talking at the end of each round :rofl:

Get execution back into ranked with game chat only be a bloody laugh.

Well, I don’t know when the mic is transmitting to the server or not, so I don’t know what people can hear and what they can’t.

Most people who do use their mics don’t really use it to be helpful, ie. music, heavy breathing, so you are getting an instant mute.

Plus, I mainly play Horde and Escape, text chat is good enough to get what you need to say across to other players.

No. Males are not drama queens. They are drama kings.
/sarcasm :smirk:

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I only use a mic for Gears when I play with friends. I started streaming more and so I’ll use my mic for talking to those watching. Not all the time because sometimes I can’t use my mic but when I can, if I’m playing solo I just talk to those in the chat.