Microtransaction based business model cuts both way, TC. You need us

I’m willing to bet that only a very small percentage of those 3 million downloads paid full price, most were gamepass downloads… So TC has made very little $ off of the launch…

They need to keep selling MTX content to make money… So honestly, THEY need US a lot more than we need them!

We have to enjoy playing the game, and if we don’t, no MTX $s…

TC, are you starting to clue in? Most of the hardcore fans of the franchise, those who buy Black Steel skins, who paid for the lambent skins, they HATE this game…

It doesn’t matter how much “loving hard work” you put into it (Dana’s words) or how much you want us to give you the benefit of the doubt (Ryan’s tweet)… It’s a very simple equation : you made the game for another audience, but that audience doesn’t give you MTX $s.

You want any more of my $s, you need to change the game to one which I enjoy playing.

Not one which you think / believe I SHOULD enjoy, but which I DO enjoy.

At this moment I enjoy coop vs ai koth in Gears 4, with my countless character and weapon skins, fast, crisp movement, and great explosive pickups far more than Gears 5 (with its OP laser lancer, lunging melee, nerfed explosives, delays, reduced sliding speed which makes me feel like I’m playing a Tai Chi simulator)…

Your choice… Keep telling yourself what a great, new game you created, annoyed that we haven’t embraced it yet and puzzled why no one is paying for banners & blood sprays… Or admit you screwed up and change it so that it is a game FOR THE FANS, and give us awesome characters & weapon skins to buy.


Just wanted to comment that this is an intended outcome. The way these passes work, Microsoft sacrifices the individual sales of content in order to get more people to sign up for a long term subscription. The fact that Gears 5 sold fewer individual copies than past Gears games was expected and kind of the goal.

Think about how Netflix and its competitors have probably caused you to buy less DVDs/Blurays, as an example. They know some people will still want a physical copy, but on the whole, they’d rather get pennies out of everybody than hold out to make dollars off of somebody.

Right, but using your analogy, Netflix then has to provide content which people want to keep them around, paying… Otherwise people leave… So the number of new signups in any time period doesn’t mean much.

A BIG DEAL was made out of the 3 million downloads at launch (it was treated as a BIG number), but the point was, that means nothing if those people don’t stick around… And that is happening right now… Sure, some people love the game, but most of what I see is people leaving it, disgusted, going to play Gears 4, or other games…

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That’s true. But you’re forgetting that Netflix also has a plethora of stuff you’ll never watch in order to pad their numbers and say “look at how much stuff we have!”

Even if Gears 5 doesn’t live up to its own hype, and even if the community dwindles and microtransactions basically die off, it still serves its purpose in Microsoft’s model of giving players as many options as possible, thus enticing them to pay $5-15 a month.

To be clear, I’m not defending Gears 5’s faults. I’m saying that the argument of “people downloaded it but now are leaving” was kind of expected all along. That’s how this particular financial model works.

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You do realize TC is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft is paying the salaries to create and maintain the IP that Microsoft owns. Its is Microsoft that is influencing all of these decisions. They aren’t making any additional money. Microsoft on the other hand, they are getting all that money. Microsoft doesn’t need your micro transaction money but they will gladly take it.