Microsoft's cursed with 5th game in their series

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like Microsoft is falling into a pattern of having their franchises dip down in quality by the 5th game.

Look at Halo. The first 3 were amazingly made by Bungie (an developer independant of MS) and were praised for their multiplayer modes and such. Then MS has a new in house developer take over on Halo 4 (343 Studios) and it has it’s pros and cons and lulls all of us into a false sense that the franchise is in good hands. Then we get Halo 5, which to me is not even a Halo game, but caters more towards the COD/eSports crowd.

Same goes for Gears. The first 3 games are amazing and awesome made by Epic Games (again, a developer seperate from MS). Then the franchise gets handed to The Coalition, which is an in house developer for MS, and we all get fooled because the game gives us something new, but still has that Gears feel to it. Now, on the 5th installment of the series, we have come to realize that they have once again catered to the COD/eSports/Casual crowd and made the game seem less like a Gears game.

Maybe they need to just stop all their series at 3.