Microsoft to open 31 new Azure edge sites


There is a Azure servers in the north of England? Finally, those pesky southern people cant keep us northerners away for long.

JK, anyone who is from the south of England.

im reading that this helps with connections to the backbone of their network. it’s not full data centers(gears servers).

it will help getting more direct connections to them though. it will also help immensely with project xcloud, MS’ cloud gaming efforts.

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Why so many more in Europe?

I don’t know. Because so many languages here? It’d be weird matchmaking with French, Spanish, German, Italian speaking team mates.

remember these are nodes not full data centers

Nice… it’s only a good thing.

My my, a full shiny green dot for Chile. Nice of Microsoft to finally invest somewhere other than Brazil.

Does anybody know the difference between green and yellow dots?



I don’t count 31 yellow nodes but this might some old pic that doesn’t represent what is really being built .

either way these nodes help funnel users into the bigger data centers and will help connections for everyone.

They don’t use all the existing ones for games so it might not matter.

these nodes aren’t specific to a use. they connect people/business to the larger data centers(where Gears servers are)

I would think of it as instead of taking the side streets to your destination these facilities would be like on-ramps to the highway to make a bee-line to the data center. in the end it means faster connections, it might actually reduce ping for some users.

EDIT: I think is how it works, lol :smile:

Thanks for clarifying it.

A yellow dot for Argentina, hopefully it means their connection won’t be so terrible in the future :smile: