Microsoft Studios Animated Weapon Skin set!

i must be missing something but one challenge has 6 weapons and the other has 6 weapons so my question is simply how do you earn the snub and gnasher as those are the 2 not in the pictures and i keep looking around on this forum and twitter but can i just get a simple how do you earn these 2 skins to complete the set?

I have a feeling this was a #MixPot exclusive. If you watched the xbox e3 ringing on then you’ll get a MixPot which contains free game content. This incudes a microsoft Studios skin.

i have no idea what a mixer ring pot is so if that is where these 2 were offered glad i asked as where was this posted as it took over 5 hours to get this simple answer.

Gnasher is there for finishing the 20 matches.

I think the mixer one is for Lancer + Snub :+1:

Can I watch the replay and get it?

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I watched the Conference and the Inside Xbox episode live on Mixer with my MS account linked, any ETA for them to be added?

Too late I’m afraid, you were suppose to watch it live.

It will take up to 7 days from the xbox briefing broadcast for the mix pot to deposit ino your account.

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Welp, I guess I don’t care about this set then. Thanks for the information.

when did this stream occur?

Monday 9pm UK Time.

Lasted like 2 hours.

where was this posted to tell us gears players as i have no idea what your talking about.

It was somewhere, but I saw it posted in the E3 thread and headed over ASAP :+1:

so nothing on gears site or twitter told players to go to this e3 thread?

I think it might have appeared somewhere but I admit, not much notice!

thats what i am saying is that where does it say on a gears site or twitter to go to this e3 thread as i don’t think there is any notice

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Well hopefully there might be an alternative way to get them :+1:

i hope so as i don’t think i am alone on this as this is why i asked here as i can’t find anything or no one i have played with knew either.

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Yeah, a lot of people didn’t know either so hopefully :v:

…I didn’t know this and now I don’t care to do the horde challenge. Cool.

Well you can always do the MP challenge :+1: