Microsoft planning to give The Gears of War Franchise To Sony Too?

Why on earth would you think this would happen?

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Probably because there’s some footage of a PS3 Unreal engine test build with Gears of War 3 assets circling around that the usual PS fanboy psychopaths are hyping up all over the internet as it being proof it would be multiplatform.

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To me that would only mean finding games faster in UE and Gears4.
Since I don’t like 5.

in reality, xbox wouldn’t hand over one of their exclusives to a competitor, specially now that they are focusing on more of a game industry compared to xbox 1s all media device they wanted to market for earlier in its life span,

if anything it was a smart move to include PC audiences with xbox audiences, I love playing on PC and find myself struggling after going back to analog sticks.

if TC wanted to go multi-platform with the gears franchise, they would probably have to wait for their contract with Microsoft to be over with, but I think Microsoft owns the rights to gears of war so they will probably keep it forever.

Yeah I saw the Kotaku article. But I’m not sure why the OP is asking if Microsoft, who of course owns Gears now, is going to “give” the franchise to Sony, based off some footage of a test build created by the previous owner of the IP :thinking:

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  1. Gears appearing on Sony Hardware will more than likely never happen. Same that Xbox players will more than likely never see God of War or Infamous on a Microsoft system.

  2. Gears having a larger playerbase is always a good thing so I wouldn’t be opposed to Gears coming to other platforms besides Xbox and PC. But that being said, exclusives are sort of a necessary evil for consoles. If there’s no exclusives for consoles then there’s virtually no incentive beyond convenience. Knowing that any game released for the system will run on it.

  3. The whole “Console wars” and “PC Master race” thing has and always will be pointless. No one over the age of 12 should care which piece of plastic somebody plays their games on. If you enjoy gaming on console then good for you. If you enjoy gaming on PC then good for you.

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He probably did see the video of Gears 3 running on a PS3.

hi man @WD_Hawkeye I really hope one day I could be able to play Super Mario Brons on Xbox , I’m willing to pay to play Mario Brons but what I’m not willing to do its to buy Nintendo Hardware to do it.

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