Microsoft planning to give The Gears of War Franchise To Sony Too?

Do you guys think this’ll happen and if it does what would we do about it? I’d make sure it never gets on PlayStation because I hate the console

More people having the chance to play a game? The horror!


I remember when I used to be a fanboy for specific games consoles.

I was 12 years old at the time.


Same, but I was 27.

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I think it should crossover but have a timed delay to when it is available on another console. Like many games today do.

No thanks , we’ll lose one of our major exclusives

I don’t get paid to advertise for Xbox.

Could care less.


If that would happen I would buy a Playstation to play Gears of War then… I don’t see the big deal.

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If it meant I could own a PlayStation and have it for Gears and whatever on there may interest me, I’d go for it… but then again, if my interest in Halo ever returns I’d have to get a newer Xbox eventually anyway, given that I’m not planning on a PC upgrade.

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same page here man @AmicableWall421

My PlayStation is on the really big TV so I would benefit :smiley:

hi @avaramis so if the playstation its on the big TV , where do you have your xbox connected then ?

I’m curious

The play station is on the really big TV and the xbox is on a TV that’s merely big.
Both are next to each other so if I could get gears on PS and Xbox then my son and I could realize the same advantages that they sought to nerf when they disabled split screen for ranked.


I see, now I see the benefit to have it ran Gears of War on the PS.

sounds cool .thanks for the explanation man @avaramis

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Since you own both, which console do you think would be better to play Gears on?

And also, there is the crossplay restriction. Gears is starting to become grindy. Someone could make progress on Xbox / MS / PC version and have to redo the whole thing again on PS, if they decided to have copies for both consoles. The crossplay between consoles really need to be lifted, but I read that Sony doesn’t want to do that even though it’s possible.

I also like how it’s possible to come across any player on forum or Reddit because of Xbox / PC crossplay. Unlike some other games and forums where certain players could be on PC or PS, so you would never run into them.

I don’t think there would be a difference between which console the game ran on(barring optimization work). Maybe some slight differences in performance, but both controllers have an equal amount of triggers, bumpers, sticks, buttons and a D-Pad. Other than extra thing that is like a touch pad on the PS controller, the only differences are the shape of the controller, placement of sticks and the D-Pad. Almost identical otherwise.

I originally thought that PS had more power but actually xbox one does and if you get the xbox one s the gpu is much more powerful.

While this outlook is great and all, exclusives do matter.

Some of the greatest games out there exist because publishers have pushed for a competitive edge over their competion.

Gears of War 1 was meant to showcase the Xbox 360 and next-gen, which it did. But Epic also convinced MS to add more RAM to the console based on Gears 1.

And anyone who hasn’t played Gears of War in this day and age, is doing so because they don’t want to.

I welcome exclsuives because they drive developers to get intimate with the tech (the CELL processor on the PS3 for example) and we get unique libraries that act as incentive to get into the other platforms out there.

Without it, we’re all basically choosing a box at best.

Yet Nintendo’s only now been catching up hardware-wise after being complacent with the Wii and WiiU for so long.

While I agree that exclusivity has leverage, I don’t think it involves tech anymore. Now it’s mostly based on publishing as we see with the ongoing feud between Epic Games Store and Steam. The XB1 and PS4 are comparable to budget PC’s now (their upgraded versions anyway). Cross-play is growing in demand now, and Sony got the ire for holding Fortnite accounts hostage.
The only major difference now are their peripherals, online service, storefronts and offerings to justify their subscriptions.

Only reason I stick around is Gamepass n’ Gears at this point. MS turning the Xbox to be more brand than console is a telling sign too.

With how far tech has come, honestly I’d be down. Hell, maybe soon we’ll buying the equivalent of Steam Machines with Xbox and Sony storefronts. It’s just the Japanese console brands holding their IPs so close to the vest now. It’s getting much harder to justify game exclusivity now.